EDER - FassStolz® 1300 l oval - German Oak with plexiglass

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Oval wooden storage casks with a capacity of 1300 l. In the front of the barrel is... more
Product information "EDER - FassStolz® 1300 l oval - German Oak with plexiglass"

Oval wooden storage casks with a capacity of 1300 l. In the front of the barrel is integrated plexiglass pane.

Two ideas were foremost in our minds when we decided to make the inside of your barrel visible. The barrel had to be not only high tech but also aesthetically pleasing. The result is a visually appealing and perfectly crafted barrel. The centre of the front of the barrel has been cut away and replaced with a special piece of plexiglass, giving you an amazing view of the inside of the barrel. You can decide if you wish to illuminate the barrel. The barrel is perfectly suited to both the wine and spirits sectors. The barrel will also be one of the highlights when you give your customers guided tours of your cellar! We have inserted a stainless-steel door into the glass panel so that the wooden dowels, which are normally part of the wooden centrepiece, are now visible and part of the glass panel.

You will be “captivated” by this masterpiece for your cellar.

Made from seasoned oak wood, origin Palatinate Forest / Northern Vosges!
Fine-grained on red sandstone grown about 200 years, sustainably logged according to certification Naturland or PEFC.
Growing area: Palatinate Forest
Hot-dip galvanised hoops
Toasting: according to customer requirements

All casks are equipped with a bottom middle piece for possible door installation and a central stave in the belly area for possible installation of residual drains. Before delivery each barrel is checked for tightness.

Fluctuations in capacity and dimensions are possible, the final calculation of the barrel is made after delivery by a water meter.

The barrels are equipped with hot-dip galvanised hoops and a wooden door as standard. They are treated with linseed oil or a clear, food-certified and breathable varnish (please specify under "comments" when ordering).

Please note: the photos of the articles show special equipment, which is subject to surcharge

Dimensions in mm spprox.:
Stave thickness: 45/55 mm
Stave lenght: 1400 mm
Height (belly): 1550 mm
Axis (belly): 1120 mm

Weight: 580 kg

Option stainless steel hoops:
Width: 60 mm and 70 mm
Surcharge per cask or barrel and on request.

Delivery and assembly costs are calculated individually. Delivery time by arrangement.

Suitable accessories can be found below, or here. Not found the right barrel size? Ask without obligation for a personal offer.