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White wine
Toasting: Lava stones
Maison Moussié barrel 228 l Blanc Maison Moussié barrel 228 l Blanc
€1,261.40 incl 19% VAT €1,060.00 excl 19% VAT plus shipping costs
Red wine
Jade Toasting
Maison Moussié barrel 228 l Rouge Maison Moussié barrel 228 l Rouge
€1,336.37 incl 19% VAT €1,123.00 excl 19% VAT plus shipping costs


Combining authenticity and innovation with the utmost elegance, Maison Moussié barrels are designed to protect a wine’s identity and allow a pure expression of the fruit. 

Born of the avant-gardist approach of founder Thomas Moussié, our technology and savoir-faire support the desires of our customers’ and the ever-evolving styles of wine. From the origin and seasoning of the oak to the grain selection and toasting process, every detail contributes to barrels with the highest level of sophistication. 





Petra combines our strict wood origin and grain specifications with our heated stone toasting technology to create a barrel which enhances the fruit, finesse, and elegance in the finished wine while minimizing the impact of oak. 


Innovative Toasting Technology 

Petra barrels are toasted using a patented heated stone technology. The non-combustion process uses natural stones and water elements combined with heat to create barrels that are evenly toasted and consistent. 

Electric conductors emit heat by direct contact with carefully selected natural stones. This heat energy is transmitted from the stones to the barrel staves. Convection heat is also applied through water, misted at specific intervals during the toast, which turns into vapor and circulating hot air to increase the temperature between the toasting apparatus and the staves. 


Choosing Natural Stones 

Selecting stones innately of the earth for toasting contributes another natural element to our process. Stone offerings currently include lava and natural jade. Lava stones were selected first for their heat absorption and transmission properties, as well as beauty and form. Through our research, we found natural jade to be another successful option, lending additional elegant characteristics to the finished wine. 


Maison Moussié barrels are offered with a classic fire toast or in our Petra Collection. 




Our Classic Collection offers high quality oak barrels with a very fine selection of forests and grains. These fire toasted barrels are made in both traditional and large formats up to 600L. 






Origines pures36 months – Excellence grain  

Our Excellence barrel uses the finest materials in every detail. This barrel is crafted with excellence grain oak (from 0.1 to 1mm) from the forests of Tronçais, Bertranges and Bercé, making a perfect and equally balanced forest blend. The oak is seasoned for 36 months at our own stave mill located in Northeast France. The result is the signature barrel of Maison Moussié. 



Forêts Exceptionnelles – 30 months – extra fine grain 

Our Selection barrel is made with extra fine grain oak (from 0.5 to 1.5mm) sourced from the most exceptional forests located in Centre-France, and seasoned for a minimum of 30 months at our own stave mill. Our Selection barrel is an elegant aging partner for your wines. 



Forêts Françaises – 24 mois – very fine grain 

Our Premium barrel is crafted with very fine grain oak (from 1.5 to 2mm) coming from French forests selected for their unique qualities. The oak is seasoned for 24 months at our own stave mill. 






Aromatic complexity with great respect for the wine. 

Brings volume, roundness and length. 

Recommended for white grape varietals and lighter reds such as Pinot Noir and Sangiovese. 



Strengthens the fruit in the wine both on the nose and palate 

Ideal to achieve a balanced aromatic and structural result. 

Designed for red grape varietals. 



With finesse and elegance, this toast brings out the wine’s potential 

Increase volume and length with toasted and spiced notes. 

Recommended for warm climate varieties. 



Brings structure, aromatic freshness, purity and length to white wines and light red wines. 



French Oak  

Other Origin Options : American OakEuropean Oak