Wilhelm Eder GmbH - Bad Dürkheim

For more than 30 years, the Eder company has been the specialist for wooden barrels, wooden alternatives and barrel furniture. With its own sawmill, a cooperage with ten coopers and a joinery, it creates sustainable products that are shipped to customers all over the world.

The family-owned company in Bad Dürkheim an der Weinstraße with about 50 employees offers solutions for the professional and hobby segment. The Wilhelm Eder GmbH has barrels in sizes from 1 l to 10,000 l in its product range. These barrels come both from our own production and from our strong partners worldwide. We work with the leading cooperages from the USA and Europe as well as with distilleries, wineries and breweries all over the world. Thus, almost all needs of distillers, brewers, vinegar producers and winemakers can be met.

  • The commissioning of the barrels
  • your cellar management, for example numbering
  • Storage, provision
  • The disposal of your barrels
  • Applying your logos

In addition to wooden barrels, wood alternatives and the production of exclusive barrel furniture also play an important role. The barrels are given a second life in the in-house joinery. For example, a used barrel becomes a beautiful cabinet, or the wood that cannot be made into a barrel (because of knots or knots) becomes a unique table.

The Eder company stands for sustainability. This is reflected not only in the recycling of the entire log, but also in reforestation. In 2019 alone, the Eder family planted around 5,000 new trees.

Despite the old handicraft, one also relies on innovations. Not only oak wood is used, but also unusual woods such as chestnut, ash, mulberry, pear or service tree.




The Eder family

These are the brothers Markus and Nicholas Eder, Markus’ wife Ute and son Jonas.

While Markus Eder works mainly in sales, Nicholas is in charge of the front office, Ute Eder is the woman for personnel and material procurement and Jonas Eder brings in his knowledge as a trained cooper and studied wood technology engineer.



The foundation stone for our own sawmill was literally laid in July 2014.

That was the time when a former warehouse was structurally prepared for saws. Together with the large saw for mirror cutting and a smaller log band saw, Tom and Toni also came.

The well-rehearsed team supplies the complete company with wood, whether it is stave wood for the barrels, beams for the barrel storage or sections for the carpentry – everything starts in the sawmill!



Here the barrels are given a second life.

Our carpenters convert barrels that are no longer used for storing wine, beer or distillates. This creates beautiful shelves, cupboards, tables, benches and much more.

Also the wood that has been cut in the sawmill but cannot be used by the coopers (because of knots, adhesions or a visible edge of the forest) is further processed by the carpenters, from the wooden box to the table top – there are no limits to the imagination.


Field Service

Our colleagues in the field are as diverse as our product range. All three of them are professionally convincing, but their characters could hardly be more different. If you have the opportunity to visit us at a trade fair: do so. It is an experience to get to know the entire sales team. Of course you can contact us all year round.

Ralf Messing is responsible for Northern and Eastern Germany

Helmut Keul is your contact for Austria and Switzerland.



Fire, smoke and anvil strike – Seven trained coopers join, hammer, toast and grind to build your barrel.
It is also this team that you can see when you enter or leave the cellar. After all, the work is by no means done with the construction of a large barrel.

In most cases, older barrels must first be removed at the customer’s premises so that the new ones can then be installed.


Warehouse & Shipping


Even if our warehouse is computerised, good warehouse management stands and falls with the employees. Our warehouse manager has his 5000 m² fully under control. He has almost every piece of information that the computer system has stored in his head!

In our main warehouse all incoming goods are processed and moved, so that you as a customer can order from a large portfolio and we can deliver at short notice. This means a constantly changing warehouse, in which things are rarely in the same place twice. We have developed a system that keeps the storage locations and the incoming and outgoing goods constantly up to date.



This is where it all comes together!
No matter whether the workpiece comes from the cooperage, the joinery or the sawmill, our logistics team ensures that everything runs smoothly and, together with the quality assurance department, ensures the best possible delivery!

Every day 1-2 truckloads of barrels are checked, packed and loaded there!


Front and back office

When you call the Eder company, you will without exception be greeted by a nice voice. The office is as diverse as the other departments. The most diverse characters come together to form a harmonious team.

Professional competence, courtesy and the right amount of charm and humour make up our office team.
The accounting, front office and online shop departments work hand in hand to ensure smooth processes and communication with customers, suppliers and business partners.


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