W. Eder GmbH is a medium-sized company based in Bad Duerkheim – southwest Germany. For more than twenty years we have been specialized on subjects of wooden barrels, aging and storing of wine, beer and distillates. Our high-skilled, multilingual team is customer-oriented and develop product planning in Germany and abroad. For more than two decades now, we have been cooperating with our customers, recognized laboratories and the world`s leading cooperages to compile new technologies and ideas to improve and to develop wood maturity barrels and wooden alternatives. Individual-production items, construction of casks will be carried out by our coopers in our own premises or on site. The production range comprised its own cooperage, cabinetmaker`s workshop, its own fleet as well as a very large warehouse with approx. 12,000 square meters. Our aim is to offer our customers innovative high-quality (first-class) products, active consulting, test series as well as the professional assistance upon the development of new method and products. Thanks to our experienced service team we are in a position to carry out maintenance and repairs quickly, correctly and reliably right on site.


New business segments have been added.

We exclusively market used barrels as decorative products, barrel furniture as well as garden articles in second life. Since 2013 we have been in possession of our own sawmill and with this we process the logs of the highest quality for the production of barrels, casks and tanks. Our central subject for the future is barrel management and reliable delivery of new barrels and used barrels to secure one defined flavor variants of one product.

The company is supported by two brothers – directors:

Markus Eder Markus EderNicholas EderNicholas Eder

As a career changer to the subject of wood, I investigate with passion, topic of wood and wooden barrels. Trained as a merchant, I managed a start from a commercial agency of a renowned French Cooper to producer and developer of his own products, ideas and aroma developer.