Gin barrel 110 l - mulberry

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Freshly emptied, highly aromatic 110 l gin barrels from one of Germany's best-known gin... more
Product information "Gin barrel 110 l - mulberry"

Freshly emptied, highly aromatic 110 l gin barrels from one of Germany's best-known gin distilleries.

Pre-emptied gin barrels are a very rare product, as the maturing of gin in wooden barrels has only just gained a fresh impetus. And speaking of fresh - this is precisely the special feature of gin barrels. The tart and herbaceous spice of resin and grass from the juniper berries is an incomparable aroma that can be imparted to your distillate by maturing or finishing it in pre-seasoned gin barrels. The variety and complexity of flavors in gin is an interesting component in the finishing process of distillates. It is not for nothing that gin is a popular player in the bar scene. After all, gin and its aromatics are an indispensable component of many cocktails, which reflects its diversity but also its compatibility. This compatibility of flavors shows how a barrel of gin can add that certain something to your product.

Wood: Mulberry tree

Origin: Germany

Dimensions ca.:
Stave length: 76 cm
Ø Belly: 56 cm
Ø Head: 43 cm

The barrels are fitted with a used wooden or plastic stopper as standard. If you would like a new silicone bung, you can order this under accessories (type Standard - C14).

The barrels are supplied without barrel storage or trestle.

Pre-used wooden barrels: Notches in the wood, external stress cracks or possibly an uneven base are not quality defects, but are rather determined by the nature of the construction and the previous use of the barrels. This does not affect the functionality of the barrel. We check the barrels very carefully for sensory and technical defects during the outgoing inspection. We accept no liability for cracks or fissures that occur during maturation. A possible and reasonable repair is not covered by guarantee.

All pictures are examples and optical deviations are possible.

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