Sherrybarrel 500 l - Palo Cortado

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Sherrybarrel 500 l - Palo Cortado
Sherrybarrel 500 l - Palo Cortado
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  • 1883.1
Freshly emptied barrels of Palo Cortad sherry. The barrels were used for approx. 30 years. The... more
Product information "Sherrybarrel 500 l - Palo Cortado"

Freshly emptied barrels of Palo Cortad sherry. The barrels were used for approx. 30 years. The staves of the freshly emptied barrels are still saturated with the unfiltered sherry.

Production and characteristics:
Palo Cortado is the result of an unusual and not fully understood development in the sherry cask. It often begins as a Fino or Amontillado before becoming a Palo Cortado due to natural processes. It combines the elegance and finesse of an Amontillado with the richness and complexity of an Oloroso.

Aroma and taste:
Palo Cortado has a wide range of aromas, from nutty and salty to intense notes of dried fruit and caramel. Palo Cortado is dry on the palate, but it can also have a subtle sweetness that sets it apart from other sherry varieties.

The color varies from a light amber to a deeper mahogany, depending on the length of time it has been aged in the barrel. Sherry Palo Cortado is a delicacy for lovers of dry sherry who appreciate the complexity and versatility of this unique drink.

Origin: Spain

Wood: Spanish or American oak

Dimensions ca.:
Height: 130 cm
Ø Belly: 87 cm
Ø Head: 69 cm

The barrels are fitted with a silicone bung as standard.

Pre-used wooden barrels: Notches in the wood, external stress cracks or possibly an uneven bottom are not quality defects, but are rather determined by the nature of the construction and the previous use of the barrels. This does not affect the functionality of the barrel. We check the barrels very carefully for sensory and technical defects during the outgoing inspection. We accept no liability for cracks or fissures that occur during maturation. A possible and reasonable repair is not covered by guarantee.

All pictures are examples and optical deviations are possible.

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