Port wine barrel 40 litres - filled with cream sherry

Sherry Cream
Port wine Ruby
Port wine barrel 40 litres - filled with cream sherry
Port wine barrel 40 litres - filled with cream sherry
Port wine barrel 40 litres - filled with cream sherry
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Product information "Port wine barrel 40 litres - filled with cream sherry"

Please send us an inquiry to info@wilhelm-eder.de if you are interested in this item.

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 The 40 l barrels are filled with cream sherry and are not emptied by us.

In accordance with the Youth Protection Act, we only sell this product to persons over the age of 18 - shipped on a small pallet by a forwarding agent.

The barrels were initially filled with Ruby port wine for approx. 4 years and then with Cream Sherry.

Cream is the blend between Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez and therefore tastes sweet. This type of sherry is classified as semi-sweet. The base wines are matured oxidatively. The taste of the sherry is full-bodied with a lot of pressure and persistence. The color is deep gold and drifts towards brownish. In addition to notes of dried raisins, there are also nutty, plum-like and even caramel aromas.

Dimensions ca.:
Stave length: 56 cm
Ø Belly: 43 cm
Ø Head: 36 cm


Supplied without barrel storage or racks.

The barrels are fitted with a silicone bung as standard

Pre-used wooden barrels: Notches in the wood, external stress cracks or possibly an uneven base are not quality defects, but are rather determined by the nature of the construction and the previous use of the barrels. This does not affect the functionality of the barrel. We check the barrels very carefully for sensory and technical defects during the outgoing inspection. We accept no liability for cracks or fissures that occur during maturation. A possible and reasonable repair is not covered by guarantee.
All pictures are examples and optical deviations are possible.

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