Oak Vinegar Barrel 100 l

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Solid oak vat with cover - 100 l. Dimensions ca.:     Height: 57 cm... more
Product information "Oak Vinegar Barrel 100 l"

Solid oak vat with cover - 100 l.

Dimensions ca.:    
Height: 57 cm
Ø at top: 53 cm  
Ø at the bottom: 63 cm
Ø of the opening: 13 cm

These traditionally crafted vinegar vats made from the finest oak are not only an eye-catcher in your production, sales or home, but also reflect a return to the original and to quality products. Oak containers are not only used to store vinegar, balsamic vinegar or fermented foods, but also give them more structure and depth of flavor through the toasting of the staves used.

The vinegar vats are therefore not only suitable for the maturation and aromatic refinement of high-quality vinegars and balsamic vinegars, but also enable the original fermentation of vegetables, cabbage and beans.
This type of vat is also ideal for storing dry food, as is being practiced in an increasing number of "unpackaged" stores, for example.
The "Back to Nature" vat is made in the cooper tradition and is bound with galvanized tyres.

The barrel is lightly toasted on the inside and thus releases oak aromas.

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