Distillate barrel 50 l - oval

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An oval-shaped barrel is different and therefore eye-catching.   So, by using such a... more
Product information "Distillate barrel 50 l - oval"

An oval-shaped barrel is different and therefore eye-catching.  So, by using such a barrel shape, both the product itself and its entire aging process become a focal point.  Generally, oval barrels are thought of as being larger, but the smaller, though still well designed, barrels are perfect and highly recommended for the aging of fruit brandies, for example.  The barrels, with a volume of approximately 50 litres, are made from closed grain oak and thereby retain a high degree of impermability – even at high alcohol strengths.

For immediate use in your distillery, the barrels include a wooden bung and a matching wooden stand.

The barrels are delivered with a stand and a wooden bung.

Dimensions 50 l approx.:
Stave Length: 61cm
Ø Height: 45cm
Ø Width: 32,5cm


Please note that the oak wood will release its aromas to the beverage stored in the barrel after a short time. If you do not want any change in the taste, we recommend ornamental barrels or barrels with inner stainless steel bubble.


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