Barrel from mulberrywood 3 l - 112 l

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Barrels from mulberrywood are excellent for aging plum or other stone fruits. A very golden... more
Product information "Barrel from mulberrywood 3 l - 112 l"

Barrels from mulberrywood are excellent for aging plum or other stone fruits. A very golden colour and sweet flavours are characteristics after aging. Recommended also for pomace or grappa.

Mulberry wood, one high-aromatic wood combined with a high color yield during the maturation in the barrel. Originally this wood has been produced from excellent wine barrels and it presents a special freshness and a flavor of fruits for weeks during the summer. Mulberry wood is well-suited for aging of the plum distillate or some other stone fruits. It provides a deep golden-brown color and a sweet aroma during the maturation. It is also ideal for aging of Grappa. The fantastic results are meanwhile being clearly different from cider brandy of stylistic Calvados.

In contrast to our other wooden aging barrels, these mulberry barrels have been lacquered with a certified, breathable clear coat which supports the tightness of the mulberry barrel, which is not at all easy due to its characteristics. This barrel hereby provides a slightly lower microoxygenation.

The barrels up to 20 l are equipped as standard with a rack. Please select under accessories if you wish to order a rack, as well as a wooden or stainless steel spigot.

Please note, the content indicated for wooden casks do not correspond with net capacity. The capacity can be higher or even less. Balances are not reason for reclamations. 

Dimension env.:

  height Ø belly Ø head
3 l 25 cm 16 cm 15 cm
5 l 29 cm 21 cm 18 cm
10 l 34 cm 26 cm 21 cm
20 l 43 cm 32 cm 26 cm
28 l 50 cm 38 cm 30 cm
55 l 62 cm 41 cm 34 cm
112 l 76 cm 56 cm 43 cm
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