Shelf barrel - bottle bar

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You want to store or decorate your wine bottles in a unique way? We offer you this attractive... more
Product information "Shelf barrel - bottle bar"

You want to store or decorate your wine bottles in a unique way? We offer you this attractive shelf barrel, produced from a 225 l oak barrel in our Wilhelm Eder cooperage in Bad Dürkheim.

After opening, we clean the barrel inside and outside, glue the staves and fix the barrel hoops with countersunk screws. Afterward we open the barrel  front. The head of the barrel and the bottom remain up to the second hoop, this guarantees the stability and steadiness of the shelf barrel.

Inside we integrate a shelf made of blockboard/oak veneer, which allows the storage of 4 rows of 4 wine bottles up to 1 ltr each. 

Type Surface treatment Color hoop
Natural with black hoops Clear varnish Black
Brown with black hoops Brown stained with clear varnish finish Black
Antique with gold hoops Antique stained with clear varnish finish Gold
Black with black hoops Painted black Black

We wish you a lot of joy and beautiful wine blissful hours with your new authentic barrel piece of furniture.

Dimensions ca.:
Height: 90 cm
Ø Belly: 72 cm

weight: 40 kg

Before making shelves, we let the barrels dry and glue the staves individually. This elaborate process ensures the stability of the shelf and prevents the wood from warping due to temperature fluctuations. Please note, however, that too dry and warm heating air does not do the barrel good.