Variants available
Barrel screw for wooden barrel door
cm: 120 mm
Barrel screw 120 mm, 160 mm, 180 mm or 220 mm made of stainless steel for a wooden barrel door. The screw fixes the door at the barrel. Suitable for barrels up to a volume of approx. 450 l. V4A with a MS-hat-screw nut.

net: €69.90
Bunghole filler and de-airing plug
V4A, external thread DN50 conical to screw it in the barrel, inside smooth for silicon bungs or fermentation locks.

net: €132.50
Bunghole flap for stainless steel barrel door
Typ: 70 mm
The bunghole flap is made of stainless steel (V4A) and is installed in the stainless steel barrel door. The flap is inside of the barrel and thanks to the pressure of the wine it is tight. Only if a pipe is inserted you can empty the vat.

net: €75.00
Variants available
Bunghole flap for wooden door
mm: 100 mm
The bunghole flap is made of stainless steel (V4A) and is installed in the wooden door of the barrel. The flap is inside of the barrel and thanks to the pressure of the wine it is tight. Only if a pipe is inserted you can empty the vat. Available in:100 mm120 mm

net: €149.00
Calotte foot
Calotte foot made of polished stainless steel V2A, the professional shelter for your barrel storage. The square plate is firmly screwed to the underside of the drum bearing. The threaded bolt is firmly fixed on the upper side in the nut welded to the plate. The counter nut located further below allows exact adjustment to the desired height. The bolt is placed on the bottom of the base in the matching recess of the round plate. By the individual adjustment of the four calotte feet it is possible to compensate an angle of up to 14 degrees and guarantees the horizontal storage of your large barrels, independent of unevenness on the floor. The floor storage systems do not stand on damp ground, so that the greatest possible hygiene is guaranteed. The calotte feet are also used for the storage of stainless steel tanks.  Required are 4 pieces per cask storage

net: €171.00
Cooling spiral for installation in 30 hl fermenting vats
Cooling spiral for installation in fermenting vats with a diameter of approx. 1550 mm.

net: €2,035.00
Variants available
Disc valve
Typ: DN40
The disc valve is made of stainless steel V4A and is available in DN40 and DN50. A cap and a chain made of V4A is inclusive. Please select correct version in pick list.

net: €182.00
Variants available
Discharge drainage
Typ: 600-1300 l
Drainage with tube outlet N40/V4a. The discharge drainage can be installed on the side or in the middle of the vat to the front. It is connected through the filler cap. Available for:600 l - 1.300 l1.300 l - 2.500 l3.000 l - 5.000 l6.000 l - 7.000 l8.000 l - 9.000 l

net: €256.00
Discharge valve
Discharge valve made of stainless steel V4AThe screw connection will be installed and secured with a lock nut at the lowest position on the bottom of the cask. The total discharge drainage will be installed on this connection  

net: €152.00
Diving shell
The diving shell is inserted in the wooden vat and is used as a connection for the thermometer.

net: €101.00
Dome lid 220 mm - stainless steel
Round dome lid stainless steel V4A specially shaped for oval and round wooden barrels.The dome lid is attached instead of the bunghole to enable e.g. easier filling and emptying of a rotary fermenter.Diameter approx. 220 mmAISI 316 qualityThe dome lid with 220 mm clear width is not only used in rotary fermenters, but in modern vinification also in large barrels in which white wine is fermented. By using the dome lid instead of the bunghole, the entry of the grapes into the wooden barrel is simplified!If you purchase a large barrel or rotary fermenter at the same time, we will be happy to install the dome lid directly for you.

net: €528.00
Variants available
Dome lid 600 mm - stainless steel
Diameter: Ø 600 mm
Round dome lid made of V4A stainless steel for installation in vats.

net: €757.00
Fill level indicator valve
Stand glass valve for pipe 13/10 - wooden barrel version3/8" screw connection for stave wall up to 65 mmV4A - Valve V2AEquipped with a stand glass emptying valve (automatic) and an acrylic tube (approx. 10 cm long)A longer acrylic tube can be ordered under accessories.

net: €215.00
Variants available
Gasket for stainless door
Typ: Typ 2
Replacement gasket for manhole door made of stainless steel.

net: €69.00
Glass tube for filling level valve for large casks
The borosilicate glass level indicator tube offers a reliable solution for precise level measurements.With a diameter of 13 mm and easy installation on the level indicator valve on the large drum, it is versatile.Its chemical resistance and temperature tolerance make it ideal for demanding environments.Price per running meter

net: €138.00
Installation of stainless steel door
We install the door in your new vat. For the installation into an old vat we charge according to effort by our coopers. If you have any questions please feel free to write us an email.

net: €270.00
Variants available
Ladder support bow
cm: Ladder support bow - Plate 5 cm
The ladder support bow (V4A) gets fixed on the barrel with screws. After that you can lean the ladder on it and fasten it on the support. A safe climb without any help is guaranteed. Included are 4 screws.

net: €76.00
Mash querl of stainless steel
Designed for punching down the mash cake and for the stiring-up of the mash, entirely manufactured of stainless steel.

net: €244.00
Mash sieve made of 3d printed PLA
Mash strainer made from 3D printed plastic.The mash strainer is installed inside the fermentation vat, above the residual or clear drain.The mash strainer is made of PLA (polylactide), an environmentally friendly bioplastic. This is not only valued in medical technology for its safety and hygiene, but also sets new standards in terms of sustainability in the brewing and winemaking trades. The use of additive manufacturing technology not only ensures precise production, but also enables environmentally friendly production. This innovative approach minimizes waste and reduces the ecological footprint of the entire production process.Each mash sieve is a custom-made product, perfectly tailored to individual requirements and not only presents itself as a functional tool, but also impresses with its modern product design. The sophisticated design ensures even distribution of the mash to achieve optimum results.Another highlight of this mash sieve is its ecological degradability. After many years of use, the strainer can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way without leaving any harmful residue.The material thickness not only ensures stability, but also a long service life. This robust construction ensures that the sieve can easily withstand the demands placed on it.

net: €592.00
Refilling can
The stainless steel jug is made of polished stainless steel V4A with a capacity of approx. 5 litres.It is equipped with a 72 cm long beak to facilitate refilling, even when the barrels are stacked on top of each other.

net: €315.00
Stainless steel bunghole bush
Stainless steel bunghole bush for screwing into the bunghole, ensures absolute hygiene when filling in and out and impresses with its high-quality appearance.  

net: €108.00
Stainless steel door for installation in fermentation vats
Rectangular stainless steel door V4A for installation in fermentation tanks and vats. The doors are made of stainless steel (V4A) and open outwards. All visible surfaces are ground and polished, as well as the surfaces that come into contact with the liquid.We install the doors according to your design without a step, i.e. the mash can be taken out of the fermentation rack evenly without a step.Prices do not include assembly. The assembly of the stainless steel doors for new barrels can be added separately to the order under accessories. For used barrels will be charged according to the effort of the cooper. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a mail.

net: €986.00
Variants available
Stainless steel door for installation in round and oval vats
Typ: Size 2
The doors are made of stainless steel (V4A) and open to the inside. All visible surfaces are polished and sanded, also the surface which has contact with the liquid. On demand the door can be equipped with a hole for a bunghole flaper with a screw plug for taps.Prices exclusive installation. The installation of the stainless steel doors at new vats can be chosen separately at Accessories. The installation at old vats will be charged according to efforts by our coopers. If you have any questions, please feel free to write us an email.

net: €726.00
Variants available
Tasting valve
Typ: Valve three edged wedge - 18 cm
Please select the required variant from the selection bar above.Sampling valve for large casks. Pre-installed with internal lock nut and external large washer.

net: €101.00

Accessories for casks & vats

Our stainless steel accessories enable ideal and easier handling and management of the barrels and vats in your cellar. Not only stainless steel doors and dome lids, but also valves, taps, thermometers and cooling hoses can be installed in your barrel - tailored to your needs.