Cutting of staves - Packing into tubes
All mini staves will be cut on demand for individual applications, as well as the small bung openings in the barrel. The staves will be packed in the tube bandage.  This article consists of the service: Cutting of staves and packing of the cut staves into tubular bandages. The staves themselves are not included.Price per unit/staves

net: €55.00
Flexible hose
Flexible hose from food-genuine material to be filled with oakchips and to add into the barrel or stainless steel vessel.

net: €15.00
Variants available
Infusion Bag
Typ: Typ 1
Infusion Bag from from food-genuine material to be filled with oak chips, staves or beans. Can be filled up to 9 kgs.  

net: €6.90
Infusion Nylon Tube
Nylon tube, made of food-safe and wine-resistant nylon.Woven insert for filling with chips of the large assortment and cubes for hanging in a barrique barrel. The tube is supplied with a fastening cord and a hook for screwing into a silicone bung (see accessories).

net: €12.50
Infusion Tube - high-grade steel
Mini-tube from high-grade steel with two silicone bungs.

net: €75.00

Accessories for oak alternatives

Do you still need the right equipment to use your chips, staves, cubes or tannins? You will find what you are looking for in this category: 
whether you need nylon infusion bags, tubing for bung holes or stainless steel tubes - we offer the right solution for every application