Brass tap
As an option we offer brass taps for installation in barrels. This spigot offers you a professional tapping from the barrel.In combination with an order of an oak barrel we install this tap without additional cost. In case you want to set up the tap by yourself, a drilling of 11 to 12 mm is required. Length of tap is ca. 7 cm, length without thread is ca. 4 cm

net: €26.00
Drain spigot for stainless steel tank
Drain tap - stainless steel replacement spigot, to be screwed into a stainless steel base installed inside the barrel.  - Thread 1/2 "

net: €52.00
High quality steel tap
As an option, we offer the installation of a stainless steel spigot in your barrels. This spigot allows the professional tap from the barrel, can be removed for cleaning and meets the modern food law conditions.In connection with the order of a wooden barrel, we install the spigot without extra cost. 12 cmThe classic with inner ball spigot. We recommend this high quality spigot for all barrels off approx. 5 liters content.  

net: €41.60
Tap and valve for beer barrel- Brass
Tap and air valve made of brass with cylinder seal for beer barrels with siphon box.

net: €154.00
Variants available
Wooden tap
cm: 7 cm
Wooden tap for occasional tapping. For professional and permanent use, we offer a stainless steel tapImportant note – SpigotThe spigot has been designed for hobby use and incidental tapping. It shall consist of natural wood product with a cork gasket. Small leaks cannot be completely avoided and they are no cause for complaint. We offer the replacement of spigot in the shop. The spigot has to be watered at least 24 hours bevor use.We advise you to resign of spigot during aging and storage. There is a danger that the distillate leaks out of the drill hole. The sample may be taken from the bung hole.

net: €9.88


Practical taps for drawing wine, beer, or spirits from wooden barrels. We offer taps in various sizes made from wood, brass, or stainless steel.