Bung puller
You can easily open a barrel with the bung puller which is closed with a wooden or silicone bung. It’s a useful tool for everyone who use barrels professional. The bung puller is easy to handle and it prevent broken staves, broken bungs and chippings or splitters who would fall into the barrel.  You can use this tool like a corkscrew: - The point of the screw has to be placed in the middle of the bung - Hit the Bung a few times with the sliding sleeve - Give the Screw a whole turn - Pull the grip fast and the bung gets out clean

net: €324.00
Hoop driver - teflon
Cooper Tool for fixing the hoops of a barrel.  The Tool is made of teflon and hard metal. It’s a useful and not dispensable tool for everyone who work professionally with barrels.

net: €299.00
Repair-set – oak splint
The repair-set consists of 8 cones and 8 splints made of oak wood. With those you can repair small leaks in wooden barrels.   Additionally to this, you can also buy the tool set.  

net: €12.00
Repair-set – tools (3 parts)
This repair-set consists of a small hammer, a beveled-edge and a drift punch. With those you can repair small leaks in wooden barrels.   Additionally to this, you can also buy the splint set  

net: €44.07
Replacement tip for bung puller
Replacement tip for bung opener made of hardened steel incl. two rivets for fastening.Replacement of the tip:The old tip must be sawed off and removed. Then insert the rod with the new tip through the handle and fasten the collar over the tip using the rivets. The rivets must be tightened on both sides with a hammer.

net: €75.00
Sealing wax for barrels 500 g - yellow
Neutral wax for sealing fugues on barrel doors. Completely taste- and odorless, ready for use - suitable for wooden barrels. The yellow barrel door density is harder than the white one and is especially suitable for rooms with slightly higher temperatures. Usage:Knead the wax in your hands until it's soft and apply it to the affected place.    Price per 500 gr.

Content: 0.5 Kilogram (€25.58* / 1 Kilogram)

Content net: 0.5 Kilogram (€21.50* / 1 Kilogram)

net: €10.75
Sealing wax for barrels 500 ml
Sealing wax for oak barrels has been produced for more than one century. It´s a wax to tight porous wood but mainly to tighten doors made from oak at casks, vats in the wine-, beer- and spirit industry. Usage: Knead the wax in your hands until it's soft and apply it to the affected place. Price per 500 ml.

Content: 0.5 Liter (€19.52* / 1 Liter)

Content net: 0.5 Liter (€16.40* / 1 Liter)

net: €8.20
Soft-head hammer
Wooden bungs can be hammered down neatly with the soft head hammer. The hammer consists of a timber needle and a sturdy malleable iron case for the rubber stakes. The blue rubbers take is soft and the black rubber stake is medium-hard. You prevent hitting round of the wooden bungs if you use this hammer.  

net: €44.45
Sulfur cuts for dry conservation (drip-free)
Sulfur cuts for short-term dry preservation (up to 6 months) of empty barrels. Sulfur cuts drip-free Weight 4g sulfur = 8 g SO2 per sulfur cut. Dosage recommendation:Barrique 225/228 l: 1 sliceTonneaux 500 l: 2 cutsHalf piece 600 l: 2 cutsPiece barrel 1200 l: 4 cuts Barrels up to 5 hl = 4g So2 per hectolitre barrel volume, barrels up to 10 hl= 3g So2 per hectolitre barrel volume. Packaging unit: 1 kg (ca 180 sulfur cuts)  

net: €16.22
Our thermo-hygrometer defines temperature and humidity in your oak barrel cellar. These factors are of quality leading dimension. The Hygrometer can be fixed on the wall or stand up at a desk or shelf. Please contact us for advice of correct temperature or humidity in your barrel cellar! The model shown may change in appearance, but the function remains the same.

net: €25.00
Wooden bung with desulphurization basket
  Conical wooden bung with stainless steel eyelet in a set with a stainless steel basket attached to the rope, which allows the hanging of several sulphur cuts in the barrel.Article price does not include the sulphur cuts. You can buy these below accessories.  

net: €34.84
Wooden hoop driver
The wooden cooper tool is for fixing the hoops of a barrel and is essential for everyone who use barrels professional. The metal head has an excellent durability. The socket has a grooved surface with a light radius to fit better on the hoops. The hardwood got a steel ring to support it against the strikes.

net: €190.00

Barrel tools

Proper barrel management can be simplified and made more effective with a few tools at home. From bung openers and sulfur inserts to a setting tool, we offer a range of items for use at home. In some cases,  the maintenance required for a wooden barrel can simply be carried out by yourself.
For example, a thermo-hygrometer for monitoring the ideal humidity level in your cellar will also help ensure the longevity of your barrels.