20 litre stainless kegs - used
Limited number of stainless steel kegs available. The kegs are rinsed, sanitized and have a basket fitting. Dimensions approx:Height: 39cmØ: 31cm While stocks last!

net: €50.00
Barrel storage for 100 l - Resale
Wooden barrel storage - consisting of 2 wooden hangers - used and refurbished.To store a barrel, a pair of wooden supports (made of Douglas fir) is required. These can also be placed in the spaces between the barrels to form a pyramid. The barrel supports can be used both as a base piece and as a combination piece.Made from Douglas fir wood, which is resistant to moisture in storage cellars.Dimensions in cm ca.:Width: 53 cmHeight: 12 cmDepth: 6 cmPrice per pair

net: €17.00
Bunghole flap - cleaned - Resale
Used, cleaned and tested tap hole flap for large barrels.The tap hole flap made of stainless steel (V4A) is installed ready in the door from the barrel. The flap lies in the barrel and is tight. Only by inserting a pipe you can empty the barrel.

net: €110.92
Disc valve - cleaned - resale
Used, cleaned and tested disc valve as garte slider for large Vats.Made of VA stainless steel, with cap and chain. Can be opened with a triangular wrench (not included). DN40

net: €88.00
50 %
Fill level control for barrique barrel - ReSale
used - cleaned - refurbished Fill level control for casks for wine and sealing liquid, 210 ml content made out of alimentary proofed plastic, with bung. Shows at a glance if a barrel has to be refilled. Dimensions ca.:Total height:17,5 cmBung height: 4 cmBung Ø 4,5 - 5,5 cm

€14.16* €28.32* (50% saved)
previously €28.32*
net: €11.90
Glass wine hener - Resale
We're making room for new items! Due to a change in our product range, we're offering the remaining models of our old version at discounted prices. Be quick, as only a few units are left. Elegant glass wine sampler for removing wine samples from wooden barrels in a sturdy design. The wine lifter is practical and yet beautiful with a curved handleApprox. dimensionsshort leg: approx. 14-15 cmlong leg: approx. 45-46 cmØ approx. 25 mm

€61.05* €67.83* (10% saved)
net: €51.30
Variants available
Oak Vat 4000 l Oval - used
Typ: Standard configuration
The used oak vats are approx. 6-7 years old. Initially filled with white wine, they were used as storage barrels for beer in Scandinavia. The barrels are professionally reconditioned on the inside and outside in our cooperage before delivery. The production time for this is about 25 days. The barrels are finished and coated on the outside with a certified clear varnish. Equipment included:- Stainless steel door- Tasting tap- Screw connectionEquipment optional:- Used vat rack- Residual drain set (drain pipe, pipe bracket and disc valve) We do offer storage in individual cases.  Please send us your enquiry by e-mail to  

net: €8,000.00
Stainless steel combination rack for two 225/228 l barrels -ReSale
Stainless steel combination barrel storage for two barrels of 225/228 l with flash rust.

net: €218.00
Storage bottles for distillates - Resale
Discover perfection in form and function with our decorative Demi John storage bottles. These timeless glass balloons provide the ideal space for your precious distillates. Aesthetics and functionality merge in these works of art that not only store but also impress.

net: €15.00
20 %
Tremeaux barrels 228 l - Resale
The first-class Burgundy barrels from Tonnellerie Tremeaux are designed for classic Burgundy wines like Chardonnay, Pinot noir, Zweigelt or Syrah. • Support and promote the fruit• Terroir expression• Complex structure   Toastings: • Moyenne Plus (heads not toasted) – focused on reds. This barrel offers excellent weight, length and complexity. Aromatics include notes of vanilla, honey and grilled nuts. Dimensions ca.:Stave length: 89 cmØ Belly: 72 cmØ Head: 61 cm   Overstocked barrels Since we have to plan our production and orders from our partner cooperages several months before the main season, sometimes there are over-orders or over-productions. When these barrels have exceeded our standard storage time, we refer to this as overstocking. The barrels are generally overhauled and tested in our cooperage - you receive the full warranty service!  

€821.58* €1,026.97* (20% saved)
net: €690.40
Vat 2500 l oval - Italian production
New oval 25 hl wooden vat made of oak, for the aging of wines, beers or distillates to an.The vat comes from an Italian cooperage - it was not made in our house. We offer the vat including installation of a stainless steel door at a special price from stock Bad Dürkheim. Optional accessories can be ordered as follow: Tasting valve Discharge drainage Barrel fastenings Barrel racks

net: €5,850.00


Our products are made to last a lifetime. Our philosophy is to manufacture and sell high-quality and sustainable products. Sustainability here not only includes the manufacturing process but also the longevity of the products. True value can be recognized by the duration of use - this must be maintained.

In this category, you will find high-quality products that have already had a life and use and have been lovingly refurbished in our company to make them look as good as new or are incorruptibly beautiful thanks to their vintage look. We return the products to the cycle at a lower price - win win!