Beer hammer- Wood
A mallet for driving the brass valve into a beer barrel. It is made of beech and was glued several times and is colorless varnished.

net: €42.12
Bung hole ring - stainless steel
Bung hole ring - stainless steel for screwing into the bunghole. Made of high-quality stainless steel from V4A, to be screwed into the bunghole of the barrel. The barrel can then be closed pressure-safe by the corresponding counter screw.

net: €25.40
Bung lobes for beer barrel
The bung lobes should be used with the bung screw. That’s the only way to completely seal the barrel after filling in.

net: €6.48
Bung screw for beer barrel - PVC coating
The bung screw is for the larger howl, threaded in the middle of the belly of the barrel.The screw is equipped with a square socket and a green plastic coating. It seals without an additional bung. Dimension ca.:ø Max.: 4,8 cmLength: 3,5 cm

net: €12.96
Gaskets for beer tap
Tapping rubber red10 pieces in a set

net: €35.00
Plastic corks for beer barrel
The plastics corks are for closing the siphon box, where later the tap and the valve are driven. 1 Pack includes 10 pieces.

net: €5.73
Variants available
Stainless steel bung wrench
Typ: Square
With this bow-shaped bung wrench it is easy to close and open the bung screw. The key is made of stainless steel and convinces with its high stability. Two different versions:- Square -sheet pile key made of stainless steel (22.5x22.5 mm)- Syphon - Stainless steel bung wrench ("form of a heart")  

net: €137.80
Tap and valve for beer barrel- Brass
Tap and air valve made of brass with cylinder seal for beer barrels with siphon box.

net: €154.00

Beer barrel accessories

Have you bought a beer keg, or would you like to buy one? Then you will also need the right accessories! We offer you everything you need for storing and tapping beer from wooden barrels!