Access ladder and bench for rain barrels
This will turn your rain barrel into a bath tub!The ladder and the bench are made in our carpenter's workshop from high-quality, durable Douglas fir wood.The steps are chamfered and equipped with non-slip grained coating.The bench is planed, connected with stainless steel screws and fine sanded.Our wood comes from sustainable forestry (PEFC / Naturland certified) from the Palatinate forest. The wood is prepared in our own sawmill and dried in the air.During production, the wood is professionally cut, planed, glued, screwed and fine sanded by our carpenters. Depending on the customer's wishes, a suitable surface treatment is applied during the finishing process: oiled or natural. Note: Please note that each ladder and each bench is unique and the dimensions can be adjusted depending on the barrel. Due to the natural product wood, deviations in color and grain occur.

net: €480.00
Barrel pipe ring for barrels 225l/228l
It can be used as a foot support for barrels and made of hot-dip galvanized pipe with 3 holders.We are glad to carry out the assembly on a combined purchase of a barrel. Please select this option under accessories when needed.Delivery on EURO pallets.

net: €139.00
Base frame made from Whisky barrel staves for 500 l barrel
Base made of whiskey barrel staves (height approx. 10 cm), which ensures the safe standing of the barrel and prevents the barrel from drawing moisture from below.

net: €24.50
Bath tub - seat bench inside
Bench for bath tub made of domestic seasoned Douglas fir. The bench is planed, connected with stainless steel screws and fine sanded. Handcrafted by our carpenters and coopers, this bench with for high seating comfort - a perfect addition to your tub. We adapt the bench in its construction to the curve of the tub. This creates a comfortable seat in your bath tub. In any case, you are buying a bench with character, which you will enjoy for a long time. In the picture we show a bench for a round 1400 l tub. Depending on the design and dimensions of the water barrel, this is adapted and thus each bench is unique and differs visually from the picture.   Illustration shows a bench for a round 1400 l vat. Type of wood: Douglas firPossible surface treatments: Natural or oiled Note: Please note that each bench is unique and the dimensions are adjusted depending on the bath tub. Due to the natural product wood, deviations in color and grain occur. The bench is extendable and available in several surface treatments.

net: €495.00
Variants available
Bath tub ladder – entry and exit
Typ: Standard configuration
Matching to your bath tub, we are manufacturing in our carpentry a ladder from air-dried Douglas-fir for an easier entry and exit. Our wood comes from sustainable forestry (PEFC / Naturland certified) from the Palatinate forest. The wood is being prepared in our own sawmill and afterwards air-dried on our premises. During production, the wood is professionally cut, planed, glued, screwed and finely sanded by our carpenters. Depending on the customer's wishes, a suitable surface treatment is applied during finishing: oiled or natural. The illustration shows a ladder for a round 2,500 l bath tub. Depending on the design and dimensions of the bath tub, the ladder is being adapted and therefore each ladder is unique and visually different to the illustration.  Illustration shows a ladder for a round 2,500 l bath barrel.Note:  Please note that each ladder is unique and the dimensions are adjusted according to the bath tub. Due to the natural product wood, deviations in color and grain occur.

net: €759.00
Blind cap with connection for garden hose
Blind cap NW40 made of stainless steel V4A with hose connection 3/4" for the residual drain of a bath tub. Use the water from your hot tub to water your garden plants, or simply drain the water through your garden hose after the bathing season is over in a convenient and lawn-friendly manner.

net: €65.00
Brass tab for rain barrel without installation
Polished brass drain tap for installation on the wooden barrel as a water drain.¾” thread

net: €17.50
Coffee bag as planting fleece
Original hessian coffee sacks not only look quaint, but when used as a planting fleece, they also have a very special interior. The sacks can be placed in wooden crates, on palettes or other planters to help you get ready for spring. On the one hand, the sacks could be used to store potting compost or to line plant pots to help retain water. They can also be a great support for young trees during a hot summer by helping to retain moisture. After watering the tree, wrap the sack around the tree trunk. This has the added bonus of suppressing weed growth on any areas covered by the sacking. On the other hand, you can use the sacks to cover your plants in autumn and winter to protect them from the cold.

net: €5.00
Variants available
Copper Overflow Pipe
Position Montage: Copper Overflow Pipe - Position 1 bung side
A copper overflow pipe for rain barrels. A lovely, discreet overflow pipe in the shape of a small copper pipe. If you order the overflow pipe with a rain barrel, we will install the pipe at the highest possible point on the barrel at no additional cost.  Dimensions approx:Length: 120mmØ: 18mm

net: €19.90
Variants available
Cross-shaped Stand
Geeignet für: bis 100 l | Colour: Light colour
As a general rule, our decorative barrels should not be placed directly on soil, grass, etc. The barrels should be placed on a solid base so that they don’t get damp underneath.  The cross-shaped stand elevates the barrels slightly. The added advantage for rain barrels with a drainage tap is that the tap is easily accessible and a container can be placed underneath it. Delivery: Two wooden pieces including 2 screws for self-assembly. Wood: Douglas fir, larch, ...(weather-resistant woods)Finishes: Natural, boat varnish, rosewood stain

net: €45.00
Drain for rain barrels "tapping station"
If you like a natural look in your garden, you've come to the right place. This drain made of a wooden truss for a rain barrel is a practical idea from Eder carpentry. The drain fits perfectly with our rain barrels. In your garden, it blends in with the environment as if it had always been there. The oak beam is untreated and comes from an old half-timbered house. The roof is made of tree bark. Our carpenters drilled a hole through the beam for the tube and tap, and installed the tap and connections. These will automatically be installed when ordered in combination with a rain barrel. Please note that the tap in the picture was installed at about 35 cm from the bottom of the wooden truss, to match the 225 l rain barrel on a storage cross. Thus, a watering can fits perfectly under it. We will gladly adjust the height of the tap to your circumstances at home. Leave a message for this in our comment field at the end of the order. Each drain for rain barrels "tap" is unique and may have different notches in the wood and discoloration. All pictures are example pictures, color differences possible.

net: €122.00
Filter system for bathing barrels
The Aquamax Eco Premium offers efficient water movement and reliable performance for hot tubs. Its robust spiral hose with a diameter of 25 mm and a nominal pressure resistance of up to 6 bar ensures long-lasting use. The smooth inner wall allows water to flow smoothly, while the UV-resistant materials ensure safety and durability. The stainless steel hose clamp supplied ensures simple and secure fastening. When installed in a bath tub, various stainless steel feed-throughs for hoses and cables are installed through the wooden wall. The Aquamax Eco Premium is the ideal choice for hot tub owners looking for a premium water experience.

net: €1,680.00
Glas plate 60 cm for shelf barrels
The round, clear glass plate is produced from 8 mm thick ESG-H float glass. The edges are polished and ground all around.The plate serves as an insert shelf in our shelf barrels. It gives your barrel fine elegance and visual enhancement.When ordered in combination with a shelf barrel, we install the glass plate at the desired height.

net: €197.00
Variants available
Typ: without installation
Galvanized, 105 mm. Price per piece.

net: €5.00
Heavy-duty roller – set
The heavy-duty rollers are an ideal addition to our decoration and shelf barrels. They are a great help for moving the barrels around and have been fixed at the bottom.When ordered in combination with a flower pot, decorative barrel, barrel table or shelf barrel, we fix the rollers to the barrel.

net: €45.00
Irrigation hose for large casks
Irrigation and aeration system with vandalism protection. The inlet is equipped with a powder-coated aluminum cap on a chain.

net: €135.00
LED light
A LED ribbon with controler and power supply. You can change the color as you wish.

net: €75.00
Variants available
Plant stairs - oak or douglas fir
Typ: Oak - 2 stages
Whether in the bathroom, kitchen or living room - it is always an eye-catcher. Produced of weather-resistant Douglas fir or oak wood from the Palatinate Forest, sustainably logged according to Naturland or PEFC certification. Everyone knows them- those areas and corners in the garden, for which you have no suitable idea ready, but simply something is missing. This is where our plant stairs, lovingly handcrafted in our carpenter's workshop, come into play. Through the steps, it makes room for many plants in a small area and thus creates green oases in empty corners. It is also made for a herb garden, which is not only pretty to look at and refine your recipes, but by thyme, rosemary and Co., the scent of vacation in the south. Due to its timeless look, this plant staircase also fits great into the living space and visually enhances it. We are happy to offer you the plant stairs also oiled. Simply select the desired surface treatment.

Variants from €249.90*
net: €220.00
Price markup - drilling/cut-out in barrel
Impact, for each additional hole or cutout in the barrel. At the end of your order, please enter the desired shape, size and position of the opening in the comment field.    

net: €12.00
Variants available
Rain barrel lid – foldable
Diameter: Ø 50 - 65 cm
We offer this practical folding lid as an alternative to the standard lid. The hinged split lid is mounted with two hinges and a wooden handle, so it is easy to open. The fixed section has a recess on the side through which you can insert a downpipe up to a diameter of 100mm directly into the barrel. Please note: pictures are examples.  Colour variations are possible. Please specify the desired outer diameter in the comment field at the end of the online order. When ordered together with a rain barrel, we fit the lid to the size of the barrel.  

net: €89.00
Rainwater collector set - with a Gardena hose connector
Rheinzink rainwater collector set, with a Gardena aluminium hose connector, 6-piece. Comprehensive, economical roof drainage system - innovative and compliant with standards. Rheinzink represents the highest quality in the professional sector and is characterized by the best material properties and accuracy of fit.The Rheinzink rain collector is easy to connect to an existing downpipe. Only a section approximately 30cm long needs to be removed from the rainwater downpipe. A Gardena water stop for a standard ½ inch garden hose is included. Catch precious rain water with the Rheinzink rain collector The rain collector can be easily inserted into 100mm standard zinc downpipes. The rain collector connection should be approximately at the same height as the connection in the rain barrel. Saw out a section approx. 30cm from the existing downpipe and connect the rain collector.  On completion, the rain collector can be used immediately, provided that it has been installed correctly. The rain barrel rim should be 70mm or more above the connection point of the rain collector. If the water level is high enough, the water will flow out through the separator. The collector is so designed on the inside that the rainwater collects and is diverted into your rain barrel via the Gardena plug-in connector (suitable for all ½ inch garden hoses up to 5m long). Due to the length of the hose, the rain barrel no longer has to stand right next to the downpipe. The supplied hose is not intended to be connected to the front of the Gardena coupling. Rather, it is an extension option that can be connected directly to the rainwater thief if necessary. A suitable garden hose is connected to the Gardena coupling with regulation stop in order to stop the water supply if necessary, e.g. if the rain barrel would otherwise overflow.

net: €105.00
Variants available
Replacement lid for rain barrels
cm: ø 50 – 65 cm (passend für 225 l-300 l Fässer)
Replacement lid for rain barrels including a wooden handle. The lid is produced in our cooperage from used wooden barrels. We will customize the lid to to the size you require. Please specify the required outer diameter at the end of the online order in the comment field.Please note: Pictures are example pictures. Color deviations are possible. When purchasing a new rain barrel, the barrel lid is included.

net: €89.00
Rope loops
Decorative rope loops as handles for flower pots. We drill two holes per loop in the tubs and knot the ropes inside the tub. The delivery includes one pair of exchange loops. When ordering in combination with a pot, we fix the loops in the barrel.

net: €24.00
Variants available
Round handle
Montage: without installation
Stainless steel round ring handle for oak flowerpots  Price per piece. We would like to point out that these handles are primarily for decorative purposes.

net: €9.00

Flower pot accessories

To complement the flower pots, you will find a large selection of accessories here. Choose between planting aids, handles and many other options.