Used barrels

With our freshly arrived pre-seasoned barrels from all over the world, we not only offer barrels with incredibly exciting stories, but also with unbeatable flavors. The possibilities for combining flavors seem endless. Whether you want to support your product or add a flavorful counterpart,  you always gain in structure and depth of flavor.
From bourbon barrels from the USA to sherry barrels from Spain, wine barrels from Germany or former distillate barrels: we have something for every taste and are happy to advise you.

Wine barrels

from all over the world

Sherry- & Sweet wine barrels

Madeira, Portwine & more...


from all prevoius fills

Bourbon- & Whisky barrels

from the USA, Ireland and all over the world

Cognac- & Brandy barrels

Armagnac, Eau-de-vie and more...

Spirit barrels

Gin, Rum, Calvados and more

Our freshness promise

Once we have received your order, we guarantee that only freshly emptied barrels will be used for the conversion, in accordance with our freshness promise.

Low Spirit barrels

Discover our selection of barrels previously used for low-alcohol beverages such as sherry, wine, port and others. These barrels offer unique flavors and nuances to add a special touch to your spirits or brews. Be inspired by their unique characteristics and find the perfect barrel for your needs.

High Spirit barrels

Discover our selection of barrels that were previously filled with high-proof distillates such as gin, calvados, rum, herbal liqueur or other spirits. These barrels offer an exceptional opportunity to add unparalleled depth and complexity to your spirits. Here you will find carefully selected barrels that carry a rich history and unique flavors. Immerse yourself in our selection and be inspired by their unique characteristics. Whether for professional use or for spirits enthusiasts, these barrels open up endless possibilities for creating exquisite distillates.


Our Wilhelm Eder cooperage produces small rebuilt barrels from selected, freshly emptied, highly aromatic barrels in the original sizes between 190 l - 500 l. Each barrel is made to order to ensure that you can also enjoy the full aroma package of the pre-seasoning from the small rebuilt barrels.