Bar cupboard
Exclusive cupboard perfectly produced to present and store your distillate bottles. Standing on the floor or hanging on the wall, both options are possible! This stave cupboard is a highlight in every Bar or tasting room. The shiny interior oak staves performing your bottles in a very distinguish way. The veneer with which this cupboard is produced from has it´s origin from old Whisky and Rum casks. As an option we equip this cupboard with an LED lightning system. Frontside we have installed two glass doors which have been fixed by magnet holders. The inner shelves can be settled up individually following your bottle heights as we have drilled vertical row holes in side. To customize these cupboards we recommend you a laserbrading in- or outside which you can choose from our option list.Before making shelves, we let the barrels dry and glue the staves individually. This elaborate process ensures the stability of the shelf and prevents the wood from warping due to temperature fluctuations. Please note, however, that too dry and warm heating air does not do the barrel good.

net: €1,100.00
Wine shelf cabinet
In very old wine cellars we find true treasures of large oval wine barrels, which have often aged wines for decades - sometimes even a century. The people leave, the barrels stay and so they stand in old former wineries waiting to be salvaged.We carefully dismantle these old wine barrels stave by stave, clean them and reassemble them, not without carefully letting the staves dry out in the air, so that later your wine rack will not warp and fall out of the staves (in the truest sense of the word).Now the work is done by our carpenters, who do their best to preserve the individual character of the former wine barrel, thus creating a unique wine cabinet for wine cabinet.By the way, during the finishing process we can also take into account your specific wishes regarding the interior design and the exterior feel.Contact us and equip your restaurant or your private wine cellar with such a unique wine wooden barrel as a one-off.

net: €3,025.21


Placed in spacious rooms, a large cabinet made from a large barrel is an absolute eye-catcher. With the right indirect lighting, a barrel cabinet like this will add a real sparkle to your rooms and allow you to present high-quality products in an appropriate way.
For professional use in bars, our bar cabinet offers stylish storage for many a fine drop.