EDER - FassStolz® 600 l Turnable Micro Fermenter - German Oak

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600 liter barrels, made of fine graine, slowly dried German oak. With stainless steel dome for... more
Product information "EDER - FassStolz® 600 l Turnable Micro Fermenter - German Oak"

600 liter barrels, made of fine graine, slowly dried German oak. With stainless steel dome for filling with mash and permanently installed bogy for rotations during fermentation processes. This rotatable fermenter is produced in our own workshop. It is transportable with forklifts and lifting carts. 

Made from seasoned oak wood, origin Palatinate Forest / Northern Vosges!
Fine-grained on red sandstone grown about 200 years, sustainably logged according to certification Naturland or PEFC.

The volume of 600 liters means a chance to ferment small high quality batches. The toasting profile can be customized, following your wishes, and is optimized for burgundy style wines in our default setting. A great opportunity to give your freshly mashed lots of your individual style from the very beginning. The toasting has a focus on color stabilization and reinforcement of the natural structure of the becoming wine.

Through the multiple usage over a period of time this barrel gives you the possibility to implement your individual style through an ongoing evolution of your fermenter with every new batch. Take for granted, that your individual label and emblem can be lasered on your personal barrel right here in our cooperage.

We decided to build in several extras to get the highest efficiency out of your fermenter and your workflow:
- Stoppable rotary installation, solidly mounted on the massive wooden rack
- Ready to use with forklift and lifting cart
- Stainless steel dome instead of a bung hole for easier filling with mash
- Stainless steel discharge for complete emptying
- Stainless steel stirring fins fitted on the inner surface of the fermenter for better mixing

Further optional configurations are possible, like a thermometer and a cooling device.

Please feel free to get in touch with us for every possible questions.

Dimensions barrel ca.:
Strength of staves: 4 cm
Length of staves: 116 cm
Ø Head: 85 cm
Ø Belly: 102 cm
Ø Bung hole: 5 cm

Number of hoops 10 pieces

Dimensions frame ca.:
Width: 80 cm
Depth: 116 cm
Height: 42 cm

Weight ca. 200 kg


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