Portobarrel 100 l

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In arduous precision work the 100 l port wine barrels are made of freshly emptied 500 l barrels.... more
Product information "Portobarrel 100 l"

In arduous precision work the 100 l port wine barrels are made of freshly emptied 500 l barrels. The barrel is disassembled and the staves are being removed. With much skill of our coopers the radius of the staves are changed to develop the smaller barrel. The new-old barrel is held together with suitable hoops and the heads and a small part of the inside are straightened. After the notch is milled, we can put the staves and the heads together. At the end we test the leak tightness before we send it to our customers.

Port wine counts to the dessert wines and was named after the seaport Porto in Portugal. In Europe the name “port wine” is protected and only wine which fulfills certain criteria is allowed to be called “port wine”.
For example the grapes have to be from the Douro-valley and the wine has to mature for three years in an oak barrel. During this time the flavor is developed like the alcoholic strength of 18-21% vol.

The white port wine is made of lighter grapes and gets darker with the time, while the red port wine gets lighter while growing old.
Young port wine offers your distillates an intense flavor like red berries and the old one goes strong with his fine and spicy aroma.

Dimensions ca.:
Length of staves:81 cm
Ø Belly: 56 cm
Ø Head: 46 cm

Please note, that the number of liters is nominal size in case of dismantling. However, there may be deviations by calibration.
Barrel will be deliverd with a wooden or silicon bung.

Used wooden barrels: Notches in the wood or, in certain circumstances, an uneven base, do not constitute a quality defect, but stem from the idiosyncrasies of the production method and the prior use of the barrels. The usage of the barrel will not be affected by those! The barrels are very carefully checked by us at the exit control against sensor and technical errors. We assume no liability for cracks or splits that occur during maturation. A possible and a reasonable repair is not under guarantee.

Pictures are examples, colour variations are possible

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