Tequilabarrel 190 l

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From México the land of Tequilas and Mezcal we import these beautiful and valuable barrels that... more
Product information "Tequilabarrel 190 l"

From México the land of Tequilas and Mezcal we import these beautiful and valuable barrels that have been stored with extra anjeo Tequila for at least 3 years.
Originally a new 190 l American Standard Char #3 barrel, now after maturing with Tequila in technically and sensory excellent condition, the barrel is made of American white oak.
Produced from the heart of the blue agave and not mixed with other sugars such as cane sugar, this tequila with an alcohol content of approx. 60% to 70% by volume is filled into the oak barrels to mature.
Similar to whisky, the oak barrels which may be used for the maturation of Tequila have an upper limit of 600 litres. Tequila may be flavoured and dyed with sugarcoleur. The aromas include oak extract and sugar syrup. These modern flavour carriers are owed to the zeitgeist of the consumer.

Nose: Ripe with a hint of almonds, a touch of fruitiness, attractive contrast.

Technical data:
Nominal capacity 190 l
Quercus Alba
bunghole in belly

Dimensions ca.:
Length of staves: 89 cm
Ø Belly: 65 cm
Ø Head: 56 cm

Barrel will be deliverd with a wooden or silicon bung.

Used wooden barrels: Notches in the wood or, in certain circumstances, an uneven base, do not constitute a quality defect, but stem from the idiosyncrasies of the production method and the prior use of the barrels. The usage of the barrel will not be affected by those! The barrels are very carefully checked by us at the exit control against sensor and technical errors. We assume no liability for cracks or splits that occur during maturation. A possible and a reasonable repair is not under guarantee.

Pictures are examples, colour variations are possible

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