Rumbarrel 190 l - Martinique

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Freshly emptied rum barrels 190 l from Martinique. The barrel lids of the current Martinique... more
Product information "Rumbarrel 190 l - Martinique"

Freshly emptied rum barrels 190 l from Martinique.

The barrel lids of the current Martinique rum barrels are provided with a bung hole, which our coopers close tightly with a high-quality wooden bung. The tightness is checked by air pressure. After the filling with alcohol the place around the bung is to be observed and if necessary the conical bung is to be driven even more firmly into the barrel.

Dimension ca.:
Length of staves: 89 cm
Ø Belly: 65 cm
Ø Head: 54 cm

Barrel will be deliverd with a wooden or silicon bung.

In the French overseas territories of the Caribbean, rum is at home that has yet to be matched around the world.  A unique manufacturing process, perfected over centuries, reveals the complex character of the sugar cane in an incomparable way. For over 300 years Rhum Agricole has been produced by hand from pure, freshly fermented juice of local cane varieties. No additives, no sugar - only naturally grown sugar cane, unsprayed and not fertilized, as well as fresh spring water are the basis of a real Rhum Agricole.

The Rhum Agricole from Martinique is the only rhum in the world that has been awarded the AOC – (Appellation origin Contrôlée) of the National Institute of Appellations d’origine in 1996.

This puts the Martinique rhum in the noble line of the highest quality spirits in the world.

Used wooden barrels: Notches in the wood or, in certain circumstances, an uneven base, do not constitute a quality defect, but stem from the idiosyncrasies of the production method and the prior use of the barrels. The usage of the barrel will not be affected by those! The barrels are very carefully checked by us at the exit control against sensor and technical errors. We assume no liability for cracks or splits that occur during maturation. A possible and a reasonable repair is not under guarantee.

Pictures are examples, colour variations are possible

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