Paxarette - 500 ml

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..or the "grab bag" from the basics of Sherrymoste.

In simple terms, Paxarette is a concentrate of boiled grape must of the Sancocho and Arrope varieties that is reduced to about 30% of its original volume. The two varieties are then blended and fermented. This "wine" is then sprayed on and partially matured in sherry barrels.

Filled in 500 ml bottles, this sherry concentrate then has an approx. alcohol content of 18 vol%.

Until the year 1989 it was quite usual to round off whisky with Paxarette, one achieved an intensive colour and a wonderful variety of aromas after prunes, port wine and other intensive flavours.
After 1990, the Scotch Whisky Association banned any additives in whisky other than sugarcoleur and water, this is also reflected in the European Spirits Regulation.

Approximately 500 ml are calculated per 250 l application product, ideally in a wooden barrel, but the application is also possible in stainless steel or earthenware.

Also ideal for cooking or seasoning sauces.

When using the product, please observe the applicable legislation and, if applicable, the labelling requirements for your finished product!

Paxarette recipe ideas in our blog.

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