Rum barrel Martinique 20 l - 100 l - rebuilt

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From selected, freshly emptied, highly aromatic barrels in the original sizes between 190 l -... more
Product information "Rum barrel Martinique 20 l - 100 l - rebuilt"

From selected, freshly emptied, highly aromatic barrels in the original sizes between 190 l - 500 l we manufacture the small reclaim barrels in our Wilhelm Eder cooperage. The barrels are made to order. In this way, we ensure that you also benefit from the aroma package of the pre-packaging from the small reclaims.

We do not produce the deconstructions in stock! We keep our promise of freshness and produce the ordered barrels once a month  in our cooperage for you. For this reason, the production time may be more than 30 days.

Content sizes: 20 l - 30 l - 50 l - 100 l

Varietal purity: The respective barrel is exclusively reclaimed from a large original barrel, no other woods are used.

Freshness promise: With our freshness promise we guarantee you to rebuild only freshly emptied barrels after we receive your order.

Barrel heads: The barrel heads of the rebuilds are made of the bottom staves of the original barrels.

Silicone bung: All reconditioned barrels are equipped with a silicone bung.

Wilhelm Eder Cooperage: The construction of the barrels is done in our Wilhelm Eder Cooperage by experienced, trained coopers.

Rum Martinique: No additives, no sugar - only naturally grown sugar cane, as well as fresh spring water are the basis of a real "Rhum Agricole".

Dimensions approx:

Content Stave lenght Ø Belly Ø Head
20 l 44 cm 30 cm 28,5 cm
30 l 50 cm 38 cm 33 cm
50 l 64 cm 42 cm 36 cm
100 l 76 cm 51 cm 42 cm

The barrels are equipped with a rack up to 20 l.  Barrel is delivered with wooden or silicone bungs. You can choose a tap under accessories if required.

Pre-used wooden barrels: Notches in the wood, external stress cracks or possibly an uneven bottom are not quality defects, but rather determined by the specific nature of the construction and the previous use of the barrels. The functionality of the barrel is not limited by this. The barrels are very carefully checked for sensory and technical defects during the outgoing inspection. We assume no liability for cracks or fissures that occur during the maturing process. A possible and reasonable repair is not a warranty service. Please note that in case of deconstruction the liter numbers are nominal sizes. During calibration there can be deviations.

All pictures are sample pictures and optical deviations are possible.


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