Beer Barrel 400 l

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Have you ever thought of owning a used beer barrel? We have just imported these special 400... more
Product information "Beer Barrel 400 l"

Have you ever thought of owning a used beer barrel? We have just imported these special 400 litre barrels from Belgium. There the barrels, made of French oak, developed a very special flavour profile due to the fantastic ways they were used. Before the beer barrels were used in the brewery, they were filled with Côtes du Rhône red wine for a year. After this first amazing fill, the barrels were used to ferment and mature Geuze beers for one to three years.

Geuze is a special type of beer. It is produced by blending 1-year old and 2-3-year-old Lambik beer. At this point, Lambik beer is not yet fully fermented so that the remaining sugar continues to ferment even after being blended. This occurs partly in the beer barrels and partly after being bottled. Taste-wise, Greuze beer has a distinctive flavour. The use of older hop varieties makes the traditional hop taste almost totally disappear. Instead Geuze beer owes its distinctive taste to the spontaneous fermentation through exposure to the local Brussels yeasts. This creates a complex flavour of lactic and acetic acid tastes. Similar to cider, fresh and tart.

Dimensions ca.:
Height: 104 cm
Ø Belly: 86 cm
Ø Head: 72 cm

The barrels were recently emptied and lightly preserved. They are fitted with a silicone bung.

Used wooden barrels: Notches in the wood or, in certain circumstances, an uneven base, do not constitute a quality defect, but stem from the idiosyncrasies of the production method and the prior use of the barrels. The usage of the barrel will not be affected by those! The barrels are very carefully checked by us at the exit control against sensor and technical errors. We assume no liability for cracks or splits that occur during maturation. A possible and a reasonable repair is not under guarantee.

Pictures are examples, colour variations are possible.

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