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Tannins produced from grape skin Anthocyanin tannins – Certificate of compliance... more
Product information "Dolium Pel"

Tannins produced from grape skin Anthocyanin tannins – Certificate of compliance with “CODEX oenologiques international”. 

Their reactivity to proteins facilitates the clarification of wines and their tannins stabilize the color. This tannin increases the freshness of the wines while reducing bitterness. 

Origin: Tannin of grape skin – VITIS VINIFERA – France Obtained by direct pressing. 100 % certified plant origin without additives, preservatives or chemical substances. Guaranteed NO-GMO - Certificate of botanical origin.

Presentation: Powder of red-brown color. The content of tannin ≥ 65 % 

Storage: Long shelf-life, store in dark, airtight conditions. 

Characteristics:  Condensed tannins – proanthocyanidins. Color stabilization and wine fining: This very reactive tannin fixes the anthocyanin and thus prevents their precipitation. It also prevents the accentuation of a brown color and enhances a wine`s “freshness” by reducing the bitterness. Rich in polyphenols. Use in accordance with current legislation. 

Instructions for usage: Dissolve directly in the wine: - When racking into vats - Or directly into the used and preciously neutralized casks. It can be used for white wines, sparking wines and red wines, and in addition to other tannins such as oak, grape seed etc. 

Dosing: Very precise and easy to control. Red wines: 8 to 20 grams/hectoliter, after malolactic fermentation. White wines: 2 to 10 grams/hectoliter, after alcoholic fermentation. As every wine has its own individual characteristics, we advise you to consult your oenologist regarding the dose of this tannin to be used.
White wines: 2 to 10 grams/hectoliter, after alcoholic fermentation.