Oak barrel ex white wine ca. 1300 l - Resale

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We have cellared these interesting barrels from a renowned winery in the Baden wine-growing... more
Product information "Oak barrel ex white wine ca. 1300 l - Resale"

We have cellared these interesting barrels from a renowned winery in the Baden wine-growing region and are offering them here in refurbished condition.

Refurbished means that we give the barrels a general overhaul:
- Ice blasting the inside of the barrel
- Replacing brittle staves
- Sanding down the outer surface
- Painting or oiling the outer surface
- New 8-ply hot-dip galvanized hoops
- Painting of the stave ends with Ventopur drum hygiene

As part of the refurbishment, the barrels are fitted with:
- Stainless steel door size II
- Residual drain (consisting of vat screw connection - screw-in connection DN 40, 70 mm long arranged in the middle of the drum base, inside with collar for insertion, outside with counter-thread and lock nut - outlet thread DN 40 V4A; drain pipe N40/V4A.) The drain can be routed to the side or centrally to the front. The drain is connected to the vat screw connection/screw-in connector.
- Pipe holder for attaching the drain pipe to the barrel bearing
- Sample valve with handwheel
- Suitable wooden barrel supports made of oak wood

Pre-assignment: White wine

8-fold hot-dip galvanized hoops

Dimensions ca.:
Stave thickness: 50 - 55 mm
Stave length: 1400 mm
Height in belly: 1550 mm
Axle in belly: 1120 mm

The price is ex warehouse Bad Dürkheim. Freight and cellarage costs will be quoted separately in the event of an order.

Pre-finished wooden barrels: Notches in the wood, external stress cracks or, under certain circumstances, an uneven bottom are not quality defects, but rather are determined by the nature of the construction and the previous use of the barrels. This does not affect the functionality of the barrel. We check the barrels very carefully for sensory and technical defects during the outgoing inspection. We accept no liability for cracks or fissures that occur during maturation. A possible and reasonable repair is not covered by guarantee.

All pictures are examples and optical deviations are possible.