Ornamental barrel 1 l - 55 l

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Serve your drinks in a first class ornamental barrel and use this eye catcher to impress your... more
Product information "Ornamental barrel 1 l - 55 l"

Serve your drinks in a first class ornamental barrel and use this eye catcher to impress your guests. All kegs are serviceable for wine, liqueur, spirit and are available from 1 l to 50 l.
Equipped as standard with galvanized hoops, a pedestal, a wood faucet ( not 55 l )and a bung, the ornamental barrel is compounded in high-quality and has longevity. Inside the barrels are covered with a food safe coating.

For the professional application you can choose a spigot made of high-grade steel.

volumelength cmbelly Ø cm head Ø cmweight kg
1 l 19 12 10 1,0
2 l 22 14 12,5 1,3
3 l 25 16 15 1,8
5 l 29 21 18 2,8
10 l 34,5 26 21 4,2
15 l 40 27 24 6,2
20 l 43 32,5 26 7,2
28-30 l 50 38 29,5 11,0
55 l 62 41 34 14,6



Operating manual for decoration barrels

The barrel is equipped with paraffin on the inside and therefore ready to fill. It is recommended baring the barrel by cold, clear water before using it. (Don’t use hot water or bases!) If the barrel is empty after use, it should be immediately bared by water. Please only plug the barrel after it has been completely dried. Please don’t store the empty barrel in heated rooms! In order to avoid the cork being dried up during plugging it is advisable to bare it with water before use.

Important note – Spigot
The spigot has been designed for hobby use and incidental tapping. It shall consist of natural wood product with a cork gasket. Small leaks cannot be completely avoided and they are no cause for complaint. We offer the replacement of spigot in the shop.
The spigot has to be watered at least 24 hours bevor use.
We advise you to resign of spigot during aging and storage. There is a danger that the distillate leaks out of the drill hole. The sample may be taken from the bung hole.
We offer you a high quality steel tap for the professional and stable use.