Red wine barrel 225 l vintage 2013-2015, used


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The used pre-assigned very beautiful barrels come from France from the Grand Cru Classé in... more

The used pre-assigned very beautiful barrels come from France from the Grand Cru Classé in St-Sulpice-de-Faleyrens, Bordeaux.

The Chateau Les Gravières has been family owned since the end of the 19th Century. The estate now consists of 36 hectares. Denis Barraud has been in charge of it since 1971.

The fermentation from his wines are into thermostatically controlled wooden vats or into thermostatically controlled stainless steel vats and in 400 litre barrels, The aging in 100% new Troncais Forest barrels for 18 months or more and the malolactic fermentation in new barrels.

New barrels are used for the cuvée Lynsolence and for Château Les Gravières, and barrels that have been used once before for the other wines.

No matter whether it's for wines under the Bordeaux appellation or those under the Saint-Emilion name, Dennis is equally intransigent in ensuring perfect ripeness of their grapes.

Origin: Château Les Graviéres, Frankreich

- 2013
- 2014
- 2015

Dimensions ca.:
Length of staves: 95 cm
Ø Head: 57 cm
Ø Belly: 69 cm 

Barrel will be deliverd with a wooden or silicon bung.

Used wooden barrels: Notches in the wood or, in certain circumstances, an uneven base, do not constitute a quality defect, but stem from the idiosyncrasies of the production method and the prior use of the barrels. The usage of the barrel will not be affected by those! The barrels are very carefully checked by us at the exit control against sensor and technical errors. We assume no liability for cracks or splits that occur during maturation. A possible and a reasonable repair is not under guarantee.

Pictures are examples, colour variations are possible

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