Seguin Moreau 600 l Haute Futaie

Seguin Moreau 600 l Haute Futaie
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600 l Demi Muid , manufactured by   Seguin Moreau , Haute Futaie... more
Product information "Seguin Moreau 600 l Haute Futaie"

600 l Demi Muid, manufactured by Seguin Moreau, Haute Futaie

Background Used for centuries to transport wines by boat, its namecomes from the half-measure of a MUID, which in prerevolutionary France measured 1200 liters. The thicknessof its staves gave it an exceptional longevity.

The wood and its organoleptic characteristics. The Sessile oak comes from state-owned forests of maturetrees under the jurisdiction of the National Forestry Office. The exclusive use of wood that is split, not sawn, is at the heart of aconstruction made to withstand time.The 42 mm-thick staves develop graceful aromas due to a particularly long andgentle toasting, setting an example for the moderate and supple tannins whichincorporate themselves into the wine during long aging of 12 months or more.

Our recommendations for use The Demi Muid is used for extended aging with prolonged phases of reduction.Particularly well-suited for Mediterranean grape varieties (Syrah, Grenache,Mourvèdre) and fine, aromatic white varieties (Sauvignon, Sémillon, Grenache,Muscat, Riesling, Chardonnay).

The benefits for your wineThis product, exclusively made by SEGUIN MOREAU, has an exceptionallylong working life. It enhances overall fruit character due to long, slow toastingover a long period of time wit rich, complex layering. This allows the wine totake on added structure and build mid-palate richness without overpowering the


Length of staves: approx. 1150 mm
Thickness of staves: approx. 42 mm

Ø Belly: approx. 1050 mm
Ø Head: approx. 860 mm

Delivered without a barrel door

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