Oak barrel 500 l "Haute Futaie" of Seguin Moreau

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Background The management and care of large “Haute Futaie” forests (managed... more
Product information "Oak barrel 500 l "Haute Futaie" of Seguin Moreau"


The management and care of large “Haute Futaie” forests (managed stands of mature trees) by the National Forestry Office are the legacy of King Philippe IV, “Le Bel”, when he created the order of “Masters of Rivers and Forests” eight centuries ago.

The techniques they developed resulted in the production of timber of great quality within two centuries. SEGUIN MOREAU’s Haute Futaie barrel was developed in a BORDEAUX range, followed by a BURGUNDY series.


The wood and its organoleptic characteristics

Sessile oak (Quercus Petrae, or Rouvre) comes exclusively from national forests under the jurisdiction of the National Forestry Office and managed on the principle of annual replanting. Harvesting is done tree by tree on poor, preferably sandy, soils which produce slow and regular growth. SEGUIN MOREAU selects trees between 150 and 200 years old, with a diameter between 50 and 80 cm.

This exacting and exclusive selection of mature trees produces:

• A composition four times richer in aromatic elements than pendunculate oak
• A satisfying contribution of noble tannins which enhance the expression of the grape’s own tannins
• A controlled oxidation of the wine due to a tight grain which regulates exchanges with the exterior atmosphere Our recommendations for use The fine-grained Haut-Futaie barrel enhances wines of a rich and complex nature.


The benefits for your wine are an outstanding complex and balanced structure. A noble, non-aggressive structure that is fine and elegant and preserves the wine’s fruityness and aromas.


Dimensions ca.:
Height: 114,5 cm
Ø Head: 76,00 cm
Ø Belly: 93,00 cm

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