Oak barrel 500 l "Caucasian Oak" of Seguin Moreau

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Background SEGUIN MOREAU came to Caucasia during the 1990s as part of the Russian... more
Product information "Oak barrel 500 l "Caucasian Oak" of Seguin Moreau"


SEGUIN MOREAU came to Caucasia during the 1990s as part of the Russian government’s program to relaunch its cooperage industry. SEGUIN MOREAU, a world leader in the field of cooperage, was chosen to provide the know-how to this Franco-Russian collaboration.

The wood and its organoleptic characteristics

The wood for the staves is of best quality and is selected from huge forests of Caucasian of Quercus Sessilius in the Republic of Tajikistan, located on the same latitude as France (45°N). Before being exported to Merpins where the aging process takes place, the wood is transformed into staves on site. The know-how of our coopers enables the creation of these exclusive SEGUIN MOREAU caucasian oak barrels. Caucasian oak is perfect for producing wines that are characterized by freshness and their terroir. Structured tannins in a tight and fine combination and aromas that are relatively low in lactones highlighten the variety of the grape’s  character.

Our recommendations for usage

We recommend this barrel for lively white wines with intense aromatic notes, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Bordeaux or Chenin Blanc originating from the Loire Valley. Elegant red wines such as Merlot, Bordeaux or Pinot Noir are enhanced.

The benefits for your wine

Your wine will benefit from a contribution of the aromas and tannins that are popular in modern winemaking at a price lower than the one of french oak.

Height: approx. 114,5 cm
Ø Belly: approx. 93,00 cm
Ø Head: approx. 76,00 cm

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