Oak Barrel 500 l American Oak

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The Oak Barrel of 500 l  is made out of fine-pored American oak by... more

The Oak Barrel of 500 l is made out of fine-pored American oak by Quintessence and has been air dried over 24 months. The barrels are available in different toastings, such as Château, Bourguignon, Traditional, Traditional Longue, Ambre and Opaline

The toastings are characterized as follows:

CHÂTEAU: a classic and elegant toasting for Bordeaux

TRADITIONAL: a rich and balanced toasting

BOURGUIGNONNE: an expressive subtile smoky toasting for classic Burgundy

TRADITIONAL LONGUE: an elegant and rich burgundy for toasting

AMBRE: a distinctive and strong toasting

The barrel heads are available as toasted or untoasted. The barrels are equipped with a silicone bung.

Upon Request: Level of Toasting, extended wood aging between 30-36 months, personalised laser branding.

The stave thickness is 27 mm

Height: approx. 109 cm
Belly diameter: approx. 96 cm
Head diameter: approx. 78 cm


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