Distillate barrels 1 l - 10 l



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Distillate barrels 1 l - 10 l made of French Limousin Oak , with rack and spigot. On request,... more

Distillate barrels 1 l - 10 l made of French Limousin Oak, with rack and spigot. On request, we install the spigot.

The barrel interior is lightly toasted and the exterior of the barrel is raw. Same coopering as a profile barrel and they are ideal for maturation of distillates, whisky, rum etc.

The wooden spigot with a light tap is fixed into the previously prepared drill hole. To prevent the cork from drying out, it is advisable to fill the barrel with cold water and you top it up before being used.

volumelenght cmbelly Ø cm head Ø cmweight kg
1 l 19 12 10 1,0
2 l 22 14 12,5 1,3
3 l 25 16 15 1,8
5 l 29 21 18 2,8
10 l 34,5 26 21 4,2


Important note – Spigot
The spigot has been designed for hobby use and incidental tapping. It shall consist of natural wood product with a cork gasket. Small leaks cannot be completely avoided and they are no cause for complaint. We offer the replacement of spigot in the shop. 
The spigot has to be watered at least 24 hours bevor use.
We advise you to resign of spigot during aging and storage. There is a danger that the distillate leaks out of the drill hole. The sample may be taken from the bung hole.
We offer you a high quality steel tap for the professional and stable use.

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