Cherry barrel 20 l - 225 l


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Made of wild cherry wood - Peunus Avium. Barrels equipped with galvanized hoops. Toasting light.... more

Made of wild cherry wood - Peunus Avium. Barrels equipped with galvanized hoops. Toasting light. Only the 20 l barrel is inclusive with a stand.

Dimensions ca.

  Length/cm Ø Belly/cm Ø Head/cm
20 l 40 36 30
50 l 67 41 35
110 l 76 56 43
225 l 90 70 50

Cherry is still the distiller’s most favorable taste. And that not only because of the fruit’s fertility but also because it is an inherent part of the culinary culture of Southern Germany and Switzerland. Since 150 years, the particular climatic conditions there and the soil conditions that the cherry trees need to enforce the fruit’s most aromatic evolvement have been and are still appreciated. The sweet cherry has not for nothing been named tree of the year 2010. It is a stone fruit and belongs to the rose family. The “kirsch” is characterized by its complex taste that takes long at its end as well as the decent and subtle flavor. Initiates describe the favor during tastings often as fleshy, fruity, chocolate, sourly aromatic, juicy, lusty or nuttily aromatic.

The most crucial point for the distillers is, however, also the question if “stonetone”, i. e. an almond or marchpane flavor is desired. The question if this flavor or homogenous kirsch with a discrete fruit nature should be pursued is highly discussed. Thankfully one should say. Cause: As is generally known, tastes are different.


Cherry wood in the area of distillate is not always easy to process, this requires the growth forms of the cherry tree.
To support the tightness, we paint the small cherry wooden barrels just like our large barrels with a breathable, water-soluble lacquer, which meets all certification requirements in the food industry and barrel construction!

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