Barrel for Absinthe

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New and used barrels which we have specially selected for your Absinthe. Absinthe – the... more
Product information "Barrel for Absinthe"

New and used barrels which we have specially selected for your Absinthe.

Absinthe – the green fairy - are spirits which are traditionally made from vermouth, aniseed, fennel and a number of different medicinal herbs. Owing to the interaction of these herbs and the relatively high alcohol content, the effect of the absinthe goes beyond that of other spirits. That is why the absinthe - albeit wrongly- is known as a spirit drink which drives people crazy supposedly and was forbidden in the beginning of the 19th century in many parts of Europe and the USA. Many writers and artists had fallen into the trap of absinthe at that time.

This drink with complex and refined aromas a myth of the past and a cult drink of the present. After the ban in many countries, Absinthe has again become a modern and trendy liquor which is usually consumed with ice water and sugar. Absinthe also finds use in long drinks today for example Absinth Long Island.

Always there – the green fairy!

The new barrels will be damped and distilled off with white wine so that a part of the tannins contained in the wood are carefully removed. Absinthe is then given a gentle maturity.


Dimensions ca.:

BarrelLength of staves cmBelly Ø cm Head Ø cm
FassStolz® 50 l 55 46 39 
FassStolz® 100 l 66 44 35
FassStolz® 225 l 90 71 58
FassStolz® 300 l 100 77 65
FassStolz® 500 l 110 91 79 
50 l ex-Kräuterlikör  55 46 39 
100 l ex-Kräuterlikör  64 58  48 
190 l ex-Kräuterlikör   89  65 54 

Please note, that the number of liters is nominal size in case of dismantling.

However, there may be deviations by calibration.