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Espresso Toast Cuvée Nº 3 Espresso Toast is the third addition to the series and is designed... more

Espresso Toast

Cuvée Nº 3 Espresso Toast is the third addition to the series and is designed for winemakers seeking complex layers of dark toasty flavor. Just as the Italian masters
have perfected the espresso roast, carefully orchestrating a delicate balance of concentrated flavors, Cuvée Nº 3 Espresso Toast imparts a rich blend of flavors
across the toast gradient.

A New Silhouette

To create distinct espresso character, our team has designed an innovative stave contour that toasts differently than the traditional stave shape. Instead of having
a smooth surface, Cuvée Nº 3 Espresso Toast tank staves are planed to have a rippled silhouette. The resulting ridges toast more quickly than the grooved portion
of the stave and also radiate heat deeper into the underlying layers of oak. When combined with infrared toasting technology, this creates a complex gradient of dark
roasted flavors.


18” x 2.5” x 0.345”
(45.72 cm x 6.4 cm x 0.876 cm)
40 quantity

Please contact our sales team to get good and correct information about the quantity to use.

Contact Time:

Contact Time: Extraction is accelerated and results are seen in as few as 30 days. However, we recommend 90 days for fullimpact. Second and third fills require more.

All mini staves will be cut on demand for individual applications, as well as the small bung openings in the barrel. The staves will be packed in the tube bandage. You can find this product under accessories.


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