Oenostick V 14 - Seguin Moreau

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  An oenological innovation for ensuring differentiation and cost effectiveness of a... more
Product information "Oenostick V 14 - Seguin Moreau"
 An oenological innovation for ensuring differentiation and cost effectiveness of a range of wines matured in aged oak barrels. A specific association of oak species cured and heated specifically for full expression of their oenological potential. A unique tool that ensures flavor profile complexity and authenticity of your wines.
Discreet oak notes that retain the wines’ fundamental fruity expression. Increase in volume with no excessive structuring to preserve roundness and balance on the palate.
The best of oak
OENOSTICK® is derived from the same selection and undergoes the same aging procedures as cask wood used for manufacturing SEGUIN MOREAU barrels:

- Sessile oak from French Haute Futaie forests sustainably managed by the National Forestry Commission
- Proactive aging adapted to each oak species in order to reveal its oenologicalPotential


- Red wines: Early contact is recommended (just after malolactic fermentation). Can also be used on a wine during maturing. In all cases, we recommend racking first.
- White wines: During alcoholic fermentation or immediately afterwards.

If implemented on a full barrel, the volume of wine that corresponds to the model should be removed beforehand. Please contact our sales team to get good and correct information about the quantity to use.

Recommended contact time: 3 to 6 months.

For full development of OENOSTICK® qualities, the sanitary conditions of the barrels must be optimal with rigorous tartrate removal and absence of any microbiological or chemical contamination.
Storage conditions

This product is sensitive to odors and airborne contaminants. For best results, store in its original packaging, with no ground contact and in a cool and odorless environment.
Recommended shelf life: 3 years when stored in its original PE-ALU packaging.
Quality and safety

The OENOSTICK® range is subject to rigorous manufacturing conditions that aim to guarantee food safety and to meet current regulatory requirements. The choice of highest quality packaging materials ensures maximum protection against potential contaminations during transport or storage. 

Prescribed designations: Oak wood pieces.
- Regulation EC N°1507/2006 dated the 11th October 2006.
- Resolutions n°03/2005 and n°430/2010 of the oenological Codex adopted by the OIV.
- Regulation EC N°606/2009 dated the 24th July 2009, appendix 9.

The use of oak wood pieces for oenological usage is subject to regulation. SEGUIN MOREAU cannot be held responsible for improper usage of its products.

Unit weight V14 
2 kg; Number of cylindersV14: 14; Species availableV14: Quercus Sessilis; Dosage (for a 225L barrel) V14: 7.5g / L; Volume occupied in the barrel V14: 3L
- Light red wines: For mellow oak impact and balance on the palate, for potential blending
- Ripe, concentrated red wines: For subtle oak impact (“fruit and volume”). For aromatic complexity and strength on the palate
- Concentrated press wines & red wines with deficient irrigation: Highly limited impact for aromatic softness and mid-palate balance
- White wines: Respects freshness and minerality


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