Seguin Moreau Oenoblock®

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OENOBLOCK® is a tool designed to express all the subtleties and complexity of the best oak... more
Product information "Seguin Moreau Oenoblock®"

OENOBLOCK® is a tool designed to express all the subtleties and complexity of the best oak used by our cooperage. A manufacturing process controlled through all stages of production (selection of materials, maturation, toasting, cutting, packaging) and derived from SEGUIN MOREAU’s unique expertise. A range of oak wood blocks ensuring consistency and precision of the sensorial profiles.

OENOBLOCK® can be used from the start of red wine maceration. This specific usage should be taken into account when choosing the dosage:



Subtle oak impact

Pronounced oak impact

Light red wines

3 to 5 g/L

(6 to 8 g/L

In maceration)

6 to 8 g/L

(8 to 10 g/L

in maceration)

Mature and concentrated red wines

6 to 8 g/L

(8 g/L in maceration)

8 to 12 g/L

(12 g/L in maceration)

Red wines with deficient irrigation or  concentrated press wines

5 to 6 g/L


6 to 8g/L in maceration of


in hydric stress

10 to 14 g/L

only after



White wines

2 to 4 g/L*

6 to 10 g/L

*Useful dosage for improving length on the palate and influencing the sensorial style of certain white grape varieties (Sauvignon blanc, Verdejo, Viognier, Pinot Gris).

Please contact our sales team to get good and correct information about the quantity to use. 



Recommended contact time: from 1 to 4 months. The “oak uptake”* occurs earlier and for longer than in barrels or using OENSTAVE®. It starts from the very first week and lasts between 1 and 3 months. The sensation fades progressively. The wine-wood contact must end when the wine gains a satisfactory balance. The wood’s contribution tends to decrease slightly in the weeks after contact has ended.

Recommendations for use:
Red wines: Contact is possible as soon as fermentation starts. During running off, the blocks and bags must be washed with de-chlorinated drinking water and immediately put back into contact with the wine to continue maturing. The bags must be attached with a cord or cable suitable for food contact usage, in order to remove them without pumping the wine (useful on cold wines for limiting the risks of excess oxygenation).
White or rosé wines: Contact is possible on clarified musts, at the start of fermentation or as soon as alcoholic fermentation ends (in this case, the vanilla impact is stronger, as is the tannic impact). During aging it is recommended to stir the wine in contact with OENOBLOCK® regularly, using the available material: pumping with inert gas or lee stirring (“batonneur” with fan blades or immersed pump). We do not recommend putting the blocks in direct contact with the pomac, which adds a risk of breaking the pumps.


Average dimensions of blocks:
Length: 5cm
Width: 4.5cm
Thickness: 1.8cm

One bag:
in PE-ALU bag, consist of frensh Oak (No Toast, M, M+)
and american Oak (m+) 

Price pro 9 kg/bag