Oak chip - FO - 2 mm toasted - ēvOAK

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The French oak chip adds structure with hints of toast and spice. Application:... more
Product information "Oak chip - FO - 2 mm toasted - ēvOAK"

The French oak chip adds structure with hints of toast and spice.


Usage: The chips can be used during any stage of development of wine, beer or distillate. The chips are packed in the desired dosage (e.g. in infusion nylon tubes, tubular bandage, ...) and then added to the alcohol.
The treatment with wood chips results in an extraction of color, odor and flavor compounds that are contained in the wood. For this reason, samples should be taken regularly until the desired effect is achieved with your alcohol and the chips are removed.

Contact time: We recommend to use the product during the maturing or finishing process for a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of 6 months. As an option, the dosage can be increased during the short maturation.

Dosage: We are happy to assist you with the dosage of wood alternative products. Just send us an email and our sales representatives will help you to find the right dosage and mixture for your product.

Number of applications: One time

Size of the chips: 2 mm

Packaging: Packed from 1 kg, original container 14 kg

Please observe the spirits regulations of your country!

Price is per kg.