Precision Fire Toast Staves - ēvOAK

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  • 1827
ēvOAK’s Precision Fire Toasted Series is crafted using a proprietary toasting system allowing... more
Product information "Precision Fire Toast Staves - ēvOAK"

ēvOAK’s Precision Fire Toasted Series is crafted using a proprietary toasting system allowing each stave to be toasted over an open-oak fire, just like a barrel, with state of the art controls to ensure consistency. Staves are in 360˚ rotation, turning at key points during the toast to achieve full flavor development. Resulting flavors are richly nuanced across the toast gradient and consistent for every stave.

Fruit: This stave is reminiscent of a new, lightly toasted French oak barrel, offering supple tannins to add structure and brighten fruit.



Balanced: True to its name, this fire toasted stave represents the perfect marriage of time and temperature, yielding a soft oak profile that respects the fruit while adding richness to the mouthfeel.



Intense: Dieser Fire Toast Stave reizt das Aroma voll aus mit seinem Geschmack nach Apfel, Vanille und Gewürze. Der reichhaltige Toast entwickelt sich früh am Gaumen und bleibt bis zum Schluss beständi

Intense: This fire toasted stave takes flavor to the limit, with ample amounts of vanilla, apple pie spice, and rich toast evolving early on the palate and carrying through to finish.



Savory: This stave is transformed by a profound toast over an oak fire, resulting in a richly toasted, roasted coffee bouquet that enhances dark fruits and lingers through a long finish.




To be used: You can use the staves during every development stage of your beer, wine or distillate. The staves will be packed in the intended dosage (e.g. in: infusion nylon tubes, flexible hose, …) and will be put in the alcohol.
The usage with wooden staves results in an extraction of coloring substances, flavoring substances and odorous substances. Those are contained in the wood or rather are formed because of the toasting. Therefore you should retrieve constantly samples until the wished effect arrived. Now you can remove the staves.

Contact time: We recommend the usage during maturing or finishing for at least 14 days, at the most for 18 month. As an option you can choose a higher dosage for short-time-maturing.

Dosage: Please contact our sales team to get good and correct information about the quantity to use.

Times of usage: one-time

Size of the staves: 45.5 cm x 6.4 cm x 0.95 cm

Packaging: 40 picks in one infusion bag.

Please consider legal guidelines or rather applications in you country.

All mini staves will be cut on demand for individual applications, as well as the small bung openings in the barrel. The staves will be packed in the tube bandage. You can find this product under accessories.