Tremeaux barrel 500 l - L'Ouvrée®

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L'Ouvree ® - With this option of a door in the barrel, you can ferment your white... more
Product information "Tremeaux barrel 500 l - L'Ouvrée®"

L'Ouvree® - With this option of a door in the barrel, you can ferment your white wine in the barrel without having to remove the barrel lid as before! L'Ouvrée® gives more finesse to the wine and emphasizes mainly thanks to the fruit and elegance mainly thanks to the low extraction influence.

Fermentation in wooden barrels has a centuries-old tradition: long before stainless steel tanks were used to ferment wine, wooden barrels were used for this purpose. Unlike in the past, however, barriques and tonneaux are also very popular here today.
The idea of L'Ouvrée barrels thus takes old traditions and combines them with new insights from viticulture and vinification

In the French Burgundy (where Tonnellerie Tremeaux is also located) and in Bordeaux, it is and has been common for a very long time to ferment wines in relatively small barrels.

This process has found more and more application outside France in recent years.

By fermenting in wooden barrels, the higher fermentation temperature (compared to stainless steel tanks) creates very unique aromas such as tea, tobacco, paprika, caramel and the wine gets a very special flavor.

Tremeaux barrels are handmade and built in limited quantity. Thereby we have a very thoroughly quality check for every barrel in which they are tested on tightness before shipping.


Wood: French Oak

• Support and promote the fruit
• Terroir expression
• Complex structure

Dimensions ca.: 
Length of staves: 115 cm
Ø Head: 76 cm
Ø Belly: 93 cm


• Légère Longue (heads not toasted) – focused on whites and occasionally reds seeking tannin structure. This toast contributes lightly toasted aromatics and lends additional weight to the palate with creamy texture.

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