Perle de Quintessence 390 l

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  • 1803
The innovation of Quintessence in the area of fermentation is the barrel „Perle de... more
Product information "Perle de Quintessence 390 l"

The innovation of Quintessence in the area of fermentation is the barrel „Perle de Quintessence“.

It was developed for the fermentation of special wines with the cut off and oval design. The technical specifications and the unique design were carefully designed and crafted in creative collaboration with Tonnellerie Quintessence and a Grand Cru Chateau in St. Emilion. This barrel, recently presented to the public, offers an elegant touch to premium wines.

The story of Perle de Quintessence started in a restaurant in St. Emilion with a sketch on a table napkin.
The impulse for this barrel originated from a basic need from wineries:
To get access to the content during the fermentation without altering the barrel.

A prototype was built in the Tonnellerie Quintessence with traditional cooper tools and was tested in a winery. To get constant quality they tested two different vintages with respectively eight Perle de Quintessence barrels.

- Particularly developed for fermentation
- Easily removable lid with an hermetic seal
- If wished you can increase the gad pressure so that the pomace is
  pressed more towards the juice
- The design warrants that the trester is gathered at the most narrow
  and conical part of the barrel

Wood: French oak

- Pressure relief valve
- Sample tap
- Stainless steel cover

An extended pre-toast makes the staves more flexible and facilitates the barrel's special design. After the pre-toast they use a special developed Toasting called “Perle”. It preserves the fruit and adds a hint of oak and complexity.
An elegant solution for many grape varieties.

Dimensions ca.:
Height: 110 cm
ø Head: 40 cm
ø Belly: 89 cm
ø Bottom: 80 cm

Capacity: 390 liters

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