Private Barrel-Aging-Set

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Your own little distillate barrel - Create your own personal favorite distillate! You will... more
Product information "Private Barrel-Aging-Set"

Your own little distillate barrel - Create your own personal favorite distillate!
You will receive the barrel incl. accessories delivered to your home and you are responsible for the filling, storage and care. How long your distillate will mature in the barrel is up to you. Create your own distillate according to your taste.

The barrel aging set consists of:
- 3 liter distillate barrel made from fine-grained German oak, lightly toasted
- Barrel rack
- Glass funnel Ø 100 mm
- Alcoholometer incl. glass measuring cylinder
- One Glass sample lifter (in different colours, view pictures) 

Before filling the barrel, please note
We supply you with a high quality oak barrel made of fine German oak. Inside the barrel is slightly toasted. For the first filling of the wooden barrel please proceed as follows:
Fill the barrel with cold, clear water before use and let it rest for about 24 - 48 hours in filled condition.  After the tightness test, empty the barrel. An initial leakage of the barrel is nothing unusual and is no cause for concern - wood is a natural material and must first expand for storage/maturation of distillates. 

Filling of the barrel
Immediately after the tightness test you can fill the barrel with your favorite tipple through the glass funnel. The barrel must always be filled up to the bunghole. Keep some distillate for occasional refilling. 

Storage of the cask
In order to enjoy your barrel for a long time, you should store it in a dark, cool and well ventilated (odourless) room. Optimal would be a high air humidity of 75% - 80%. Check the barrel and refill it if necessary. Also observe the tightness, any cracks that may occur and the tight fit of the bung. Due to micro-oxidation, the barrel is now in full swing. The ingredients of the oak wood are transferred into your distillate. It will develop different flavors at different intervals. The glass sample lifter allows you to take samples all the time. With the help of the alcoholmeter and the glass spindle cylinder you can check the alcohol content. When your personal distillate is mature is entirely up to you and your taste.

Wood is a natural product. Small leaks are nothing unusual and may occur under certain circumstances. Therefore place the barrel in such a way that no consequential damage can occur. If the barrel leaks, try to knock the barrel hoops with extreme caution with a small hammer and chisel slightly towards the barrel belly. Evaporation, the so-called Angels' Share, occurs during the barrel maturing process. Always keep your barrel filled up to the bunghole, then the angels will only take a little bit from you. 

After emptying
After emptying the barrel, it must be stored upright under the same conditions as during the maturing process. In this way, a barrel can survive an empty period of several weeks very well. After that the barrel must be filled again.
The ideal storage temperature for these barrels is around 15 degrees - not over 20 degrees Celsius. 

We wish you a lot of fun with filling, observing, tasting - whether alone or in convivial company with family or friends. However, we would like to point out that private aging is purely a hobby and cannot be compared with professional barrel ageing.