Oak barrel 250 l Mizunara Oak

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Product information "Oak barrel 250 l Mizunara Oak"

These barrels made of Japanese oak are suitable for a long storage of distillates.

The Japanese oak, or Mizunara oak (Quercus Crispula), shows some peculiarities when compared to its European or American relatives: It very rarely grows straight, but almost always has a twist, which makes it very difficult for the cooper to build a barrel from this wood.

The aromas that this wood gives off are very intense, especially in the beginning. The fine aromas develop only after a longer storage. But then it shows a unique sweet and spicy taste profile, which is due to the lactone ratio and the high vanilla content of the oak. Aromas that come from the Mizunara Oak are Kara (a kind of oriental incense), sandalwood and coconut.

Volume: 250 l

Origin of wood: Japan

Barrel hoops: hot-dip galvanised

Dimensions ca.:
Height: 88 cm
Ø Belly: 74 cm
Ø Head: 65,5 cm

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