EDER - FassStolz® 228 l chestnut

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It was the Romans who probably brought us the sweet chestnut from the Caucasus. In the meantime,... more
Product information "EDER - FassStolz® 228 l chestnut"

It was the Romans who probably brought us the sweet chestnut from the Caucasus. In the meantime, the warmth-loving tree has become native to southern Germany and especially to the Palatinate Forest.

Heat-loving in this context does not mean dry-loving!

Our wood for our barrel series "Eder FassStolz Kastanie" comes from one of the most beautiful and best areas in Germany for the sweet chestnut, the Wasgau near the Trifels Castle in the heart of the Palatinate Forest!
Year after year, with the end of the vegetation phase from October, November onwards, we work together with the foresters to select some of these trees, sometimes several hundred years old, under the aspect of sustainability and climate protection, in order to produce particularly valuable wine and distillate barrels from them.

By the way, the chestnut was the tree of the year 2018!
The fruit of the trees is also used in culinary delights, whether in soup, bread or in some game dishes!

The chestnut gives a full, round aroma without, however, bringing the sometimes too many tannins of the oak noticeably on the tongue. Especially in distillates one tastes the depth, the forest and the fruit of the chestnut paired with honey notes. The chestnut gives a strong golden yellow color to the distillate.
For strong structured red wines the chestnut barrel offers a great maturity as well as a round sweetness. We recommend the chestnut barrels especially in the toasting stages Medium to Forte!

Dimensions approx:
Ø head 50 cm
Ø belly 70 cm
length of staves: 90 cm

The barrel is equipped with a silicone bung as standard.

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