Kiri Wood Barrel 228 l

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Product information "Kiri Wood Barrel 228 l"

Kiri Wood Barrel approx 228 l

The barrel is produced out of kiri wood in our cooperage.

Our production of kiri wood barrels is another one of our innovative ideas.  Widely unknown, the kiri is a cherry tree originating from Asia and is the fastest growing tree in the world. German innovation companies are now also planting this special tree under optimal growth conditions. Growing up to 5 metres per year, the kiri tree produces wood at 10 times the rate of oak. Although the production of kiri barrels is still in its very early stages, they could in the future be a complement to barrels made from more widely known woods.

The wood comes from sustainable cultivation and is both air and kiln dried.

Toasting: Medium

Hoops: hot dip galvanised

Dimensions approx.:
Stave Length: 88-95cm
Ø Head: 56cm
Ø Belly: 70cm
Stave Thickness: 27mm

Frequent leaks - please check the barrel frequently.

We do not guarantee that the barrel is leak-proof!

If leaks occur, it may be necessary to repair the barrel with other wooden staves such as American oak.

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