Beer barrel 20 l – 50 l

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The beer barrels are made of dried Oak wood and the end of the staves are red painted. The... more
Product information "Beer barrel 20 l – 50 l"

The beer barrels are made of dried Oak wood and the end of the staves are red painted. The outside of the barrel has been left pure, whereas the inside has been treated with pitch.
Including bung ring of 43 mm and 2 siphon box.

The price includes only the barrel.
Equipment like, bung screw, tap and valve, plastic cork, beer hammer, Bung lobes see below article.

Dimensions approx.:

Volume Length cm Belly Ø cm  Head Ø cm
20 l 42 38 32,5
50 l 57 50 42,5

Commissioning of a beer barrel:

The external watering of a beer barrel is very important for the pressure tightness. It is enough to sprinkle the barrel. This process should last for a week (with interruptions). Internal rinsing is not necessary as the barrels are lined.

Most brewers fill their barrels with 1.5 - maximum 2 bar. This is only a recommendation; we do not give exact information on how much pressure a single barrel can withstand, as many factors have to be taken into account.


How to tap:

To tap the cask you need a hammer, the valve, a beer tap made of brass.

The barrel should stand on a table.
Before taping the barrel, the equipment should be dropped in cold water, which acts like a lubricant. Please make sure that at the beginning the valve is closed.

The tap must be driven into the siphon box at the side under the bung. It is unavoidable that beer spouts out (depending on the practice). For the perfect tapping you need two very powerful strikes. Inexperienced persons should strike more than two times.

You should hold the tap while turning up and put a glass underneath. As soon as no beer runs out, put the valve on top of the drumhead. The valve regulates the flow of the beer-strongly turned on means more and inversely means less.

If it doesn´t work - do not remove the tap!
Try to press the tap deeper into the barrel. If the beer shoots out from the air valve and the tapping has worked, it means that the barrel was not cooled, and pressure has been too high.