Rainwater collector set - with a Gardena hose connector

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Rheinzink rainwater collector set, with a Gardena aluminium hose connector, 6-piece.... more
Product information "Rainwater collector set - with a Gardena hose connector"

Rheinzink rainwater collector set, with a Gardena aluminium hose connector, 6-piece.

Comprehensive, economical roof drainage system - innovative and compliant with standards. Rheinzink represents the highest quality in the professional sector and is characterized by the best material properties and accuracy of fit.

The Rheinzink rain collector is easy to connect to an existing downpipe. Only a section approximately 30cm long needs to be removed from the rainwater downpipe. A Gardena water stop for a standard ½ inch garden hose is included.

Dimensions approx.:
Downpipe: 100mm
Gutter opening: 150mm

Catch precious rain water with the Rheinzink rain collector

The rain collector can be easily inserted into 100mm standard zinc downpipes. The rain collector connection should be approximately at the same height as the connection in the rain barrel. Saw out a section approx. 30cm from the existing downpipe and connect the rain collector.  On completion, the rain collector can be used immediately, provided that it has been installed correctly. The rain barrel rim should be 70mm or more above the connection point of the rain collector. If the water level is high enough, the water will flow out through the separator.

The collector is so designed on the inside that the rainwater collects and is diverted into your rain barrel via the Gardena plug-in connector (suitable for all ½ inch garden hoses up to 5m long). Due to the length of the hose, the rain barrel no longer has to stand right next to the downpipe.

The supplied hose is not intended to be connected to the front of the Gardena coupling. Rather, it is an extension option that can be connected directly to the rainwater thief if necessary. A suitable garden hose is connected to the Gardena coupling with regulation stop in order to stop the water supply if necessary, e.g. if the rain barrel would otherwise overflow.